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Friday, January 28, 2005

well then!

Tuesday night I headed off to the Third Day & Audio Adrenaline concert at the Hillsong Convention Centre.
All I can say is WOW.

I'd never seen either of them live before, and next time they come to Australia, I'm there - with bells on.

Rookie was great as the supporting act - they've really improved since my band played a show with them back in 2002. It was great to see them and catch up.

The boys asked me to come along to the Australia Day show as well, but I'd already made plans to go to the fireworks at parramatta park - Bummer! From what I've heard, it was a great show. Audio A didn't play - a band called "Day of Fire" (label-mates of Third Day) played instead.

I just love the hearts of the guys in Third Day - for them, it's not a concert, it's church, and they treat us that way - even to the point where they say "c'mon church, let's worship God!". I think a lot of bands can learn from the example of Third Day.

As for the fireworks on Australia Day....they were preceeded by a concert that included John English, Bjorn Again (they were FANTASTIC!) and Vanessa Amarosi. I would have been happy if Vanessa decided not to go on....over an hour or predominantly covers is pretty tiresome....especially when the program's running almost 1/2 hour late - and the compere was Scott Cain (from Popstars "fame"). So the fireworks started, and they were great...until an ember landed in my eye, 5 minutes into the display. At first I thought it was a bug, but then my friend realised that I had ash all over my top and my bag that was near my head....so off to the St John's tent...where they proceeded to drown me in saline, and then patch up my eye. I think I looked like I was slightly inebriated...it's hard to walk on uneven ground at night with only one eye!

So now I'm recovering from burns to my shoulders, and also to one eye...my Senior Pastor's told me that I'm not allowed to leave my house again - it's too dangerous for me to be outside! haha.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Happy Australia Day

So how is everyone intending on spending their Australia Day?

At the moment, my plan is to sleep as long as I can, and then watch a movie....

Oh - and I can't forget - I must eat some lamb...apparently I'm not Australian if I don't...(I love the lamb ad with Sam Kekovich!)

(Read this article about the infamous commercial!)

I got it!

About an hour ago, I received a phone call which informed me that I now have a new job!!!!
I start in two weeks, and now I'm freakin!
Talk about being pushed out of my comfort zone...

it's finally here!

Well in just under 10 hours, I shall be eagerly awaiting the beginning of my first ever Third Day concert - featuring Audio Adrenaline, and friends of mine Rookie.

My brother and sister went to their Adelaide show on friday, and loved it, so I'm hanging out for it!

Last year I went to the Jars of Clay concert, and luckily I got to meet them, so hopefully that will happen again this year, but with Third Day and Audio Adrenaline!!! Woo Hoo!!

Monday, January 24, 2005

quote for the day

I discovered this great quote in the introduction to a book I started reading last night:

"Your worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God's grace. And your best days are never so good that you are beyond the need of God's grace"
(Jerry Bridges)

a new job?

I don't know how many of you know, but I currently work at my church in Liverpool. Over the past few months, I've been contemplating looking for a new job, one which would provide a little more "financial freedom" than the job I currently have.

I've been offered a job with a company who manufacture & maintain roller doors & shutters, as their "secretary/receptionist". Once you look at the job description you realise that it's more "Office Manager/Accounts" than secretary, but the pay is also almost twice what I'm currently receiving.

So now is the dilemma: I weigh up the pro's and con's, and it all leans alarmingly toward the new job...however I'm scared out of my brain! The level of responsibility is one that I've never had, and pretty much if I don't do the job right, the company will suffer greatly. But then maybe I'm scared because i'm like a baby bird getting pushed out of the nest to test her wings?

Darth Tater

I never thought I'd see this: Mr Potato Head dressed as Darth Vader...yes, it's true!

Read the article here
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Port Lincoln

Well now the fires are out at home, and life is beginning to go back to as normal as it can be after a tragedy such as the bushfires.

The Tunarama Festival began on Saturday, so that should bring some much-needed tourists back to Lincoln, and hopefully boost morale.


Thanks to Jason and Gavin for saying Hi! It's always nice to get a bit of feedback (hint, hint!).

Regarding my burns, I'm actually doing quite well. Saturday was my first day without any bandages, so I headed off with my youth group to Jervis Bay for a BBQ...then we decided to go to a "walk" to Steamers Beach. It's about 4km there, including 220 steps that go straight down a cliff face. It was hard enough for me going downhill the whole way there (I was wearing thongs - on my feet...), but once we got to the beach and recovered, we went back....I nearly died!!! It took about 30 minutes to get to the beach, and 50 to get back. Luckily there was no sun, so there was no risk of further sun damage - it was just hot....the thunder and lightning started on the walk back, so that was refreshing.

Someone saw the copious amounts of flesh coming off my back on saturday, and asked "what the heck's wrong with your back?!"....so calmly I replied..."leprosy"...you should have seen their face!!!! haha! (Sorry...I have a really warped sense of humour!)

More good news- I went to the doc on sunday morning for my final check-up, and my burns no longer need bandaging...so now it's just aloe vera 3 times a day. My skin should look fantastic once it's all healed and the redness has gone away! PRAISE GOD!

Friday, January 21, 2005


A little while ago I read on Phil Baker's blog on the topic of "Lurkers" - people who read the blog, but don't comment.

Just out of curiosity, I was wondering how many I have? I know a few people who read the site but don't post regularly...I was just wondering if there were people here that I don't know of?

Thursday, January 20, 2005

still ouchies

Well I went to the doctor, and it turns out that I have 2nd degree burns on my shoulders, and deep burns on my back.
Apparently you're not supposed to put op-site on burns! (Well that's what they do in the adelaide burns units?!) So, the sister took it off. The pain was excruciating! I nearly fainted a few times, and had to hold myself up or I would have fallen over from the pain. Then the sister put Silvazine on the burn and dressed it, which hurt even more...I was such a mess after that, that they put me in a little room and gave me a cup of tea so I could collect myself. I couldn't drive home, so thankfully, two girls from work came and picked me and my car up and took me out to Gloria Jeans for some therapeautic creamy hot cocoa :)
So now my daily routine includes a morning visit to the treatment room of the local clinic for my SSD Treatment. All good fun. (Yeah right).
Times like these you wish you were still living at home with mum...she can fix everything!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Well, I've missed a few days again....but this time I've got a good excuse - I promise!

We went to Stanwell Park/Beach on saturday, and silly me used sunblock that turned out to be expired.

Does anyone know what expired sunblock does? It actually acts as an attractor....

So sunday morning, I was slightly sore, and also had sunstroke, so I skipped the evening service and tried to watch the cricket - I think I only saw about 3 overs :)

Monday morning, I got up and showered, but when I went to get ready for work, I realised that I couldn't tolerate anything on my back or shoulders....and so couldn't go to work! AAGH. I hate being stuck at home when you're not sick...

My sister and mother (who are: pharmacy assistant and ex-nurse respectively) advised me to get some solugel and op-site flexigrid to place over the worst sunburn, which is what I did. It's still excruciatingly painful (and very hard to sleep), but I've managed to get myself to work today...not sure how long I'll last though - I might have to take my sorry self off to the doctors :(

Friday, January 14, 2005

phantom of the opera


All my life, I'd heard about the musical "The Phantom of the Opera". I knew most of the songs, but I never knew the story, or even the bones of what it was about.

Well all that came to an end last night, when I went with a group of friends to go and see the movie version of the musical. I was awestruck.

Now I want to go and see the real thing, but I'd need to go to London's West End to be able to do that!

I'm still trying NOT to sing the songs out loud!

My favourite Phantom song had always been "Music of the Night", after seeing it superbly performed by one of "The Four Kinsmen" (I think it was Scott?). His version has haunted me for years. But now, I think "That's all I ask of you" is coming close to taking over! At the moment, I have both songs in my head, but they're merging with each other to become one song - one line of the first song, another line of the second!

I think "That's All I Ask of You" would be an amazing song for the bridal waltz at my wedding (whenever that happens!!).

Thursday, January 13, 2005

elves and hobbits

Just a bit of fun following the last two stressful days for me!

Found these sites today [via]

To discover your Elvish name: http://www.chriswetherell.com/elf/Default.asp

To discover your Hobbit name: http://www.chriswetherell.com/hobbit/

Apparently, my Elvish name is Nindë Telrúnya, and my Hobbit name is Flora Gamgee-Took of Bywater
(does that mean that I'm married to Samways Gamgee? Aahh!!!!)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

looks amazing doesn't it. Pitty that it's a photo of all the smoke from the fires all around Lincoln. Posted by Hello

CFS crews fighting the fires Posted by Hello

another map Posted by Hello

Map of bushfires in Port Lincoln - the fires have cut right across the peninsula Posted by Hello

Bushfires in Lincoln Posted by Hello

Port Lincoln Bushfires (from ABC Online) Posted by Hello

Red: current fire line Posted by Hello

the missing bushfire posts:

These are the posts that went missing...probably something wrong with our outgoing mail server (like that's something new!!)

Tuesday 11/1/05, 3:26pm:
my mum has just called me, and told me that there's a HUGE bushfire around my home town.
Apparently the airport is on fire, and quite a lot of pastoral land has been destroyed.
We have a lot of friends in the area that is on fire, and I'm quite worried about them
So far, I've found nothing on the net about it, but according to mum, the fire started last night, and over night the firies lost control of the fire due to gale force winds.
It's been 4 years since our last big bushfires, but they were on the other side of town.
Please pray that no-one is injured or killed, and that there is minimal property damage.

Tuesday 11/1/05 4:12pm
well, our business manager just buzzed me from upstairs, and the lincoln bushfires were mentioned on the radio...apparently some people have died...not good, not good at all.


** I've already posted 2 posts about the bushfires @ home, but for some reason, they're not here **

since the last post I made (if they ever get here!), the death toll has increased to 8, and there's still 12 missing.
My friends were evacuated from their house, but all their sheds were destroyed - and in the sheds was all the furniture and house stuff of another friend who was in the process of moving house...

in the photo i've posted (if it works), the red dots symbolise the current fire front, and the green dot is my home town of Port Lincoln. It's strange - If my holidays went for a week longer, I would still be over there, as the airport is shut!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

australian story

Last night, I caught the end of "Australian Story" on the ABC. It was about the australian artist Brett Knightley (I'm pretty sure that's his name anyway!) His wife (or ex-wife) made an interesting statement. She was speaking about how their daughter had adrenal cancer, and was sharing about her last few months.

She said:
"It was like she was being punished for something by a God I don't believe in"

I found that comment quite perplexing - she was saying that she didn't believe in God, yet she somehow associated her daughter's cancer and resulting death, as some form of punishment from God!

I also found it hard to comprehend that an artist (such as she was), who spends her whole life studying and re-producing nature, didn't believe in God!

Romans 1v20
From the time the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky and all that God made. They can clearly see his invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse whatsoever for not knowing God. (NLT)

I would think that someone who is immersed in the beauty that God has created, could not help but have some form of knowledge of God - but to say they don't believe in Him?! It's almost unimaginable.


Planetshakers was AWESOME! I managed to get to the whole saturday of the conference, so that was great. I was unable to get to shakers last year because I was working AND my youth group went to Brisbane for shakers, so it was great that I was able to just drive up to Hills and go to the night meetings. This year was my 5th planetshakers.

The last message I posted I actually sent from my mobile while I was at planetshakers...I was pretty much just experimenting with my phone :)

Work seems to be getting back to normal...we now have about half of the staff back from holidays, so at least there's some work to do now. We're also starting to prepare for the "40 Days of Purpose" campaign that our church is running in June....for a 40 day campaign, there sure is a lot of preparation work!

Friday, January 07, 2005

live from planetshakers

As i write this there's one minute until the meeting starts and hillsong church is filled to capacity with young people going crazy with anticipation ! Reggie dabbs is speaking tonight - i can't wait!


I went to the second night of Planetshakers (In Sydney) last night.  It was AMAZING!  Ps Pat Schatzline spoke on "Another Time, Another Place" - about heaven, and also about having a burden for the lost. I'd never even heard of Ps Pat before last night.  My brother, who had heard him speak the night before at Planetshakers in Adelaide, mentioned to me that it was like Pat had A.D.D. or something similar - he's just so high energy!  It's exhausting just listening to him speak!
Guy Sebastian was at Planetshakers last night also, which was great.  Neil Smith got up and welcomed him, but also told the conference that we were to respect Guy in that he was there to be part of the conference, and so we should give him his space to worship.  Apparently he was at Adelaide Planetshakers for a night also, and Neil gave the same speech there.  I think it was good that Guy came, because it gave everyone a chance to congratulate him on his achievements, but also reassured everyone that he's still going on for God. (if there was any doubt!)
Last year I didn't make it to Planetshakers, as my youth group went to shakers in Brisbane - and as I usually take 2 weeks off over Christmas to visit my family interstate, it makes it a bit hard to take an extra week to go to shakers.  I think I'd forgotten how LOUD Planetshakers is!  My ears were almost numb by the end of the worship.  - I think I'll have to take earplugs tonight...can't be too careful!
It's weird going to a planetshakers meeting, and then going home to sleep in my own bed.  Every year that I've been to shakers, we've travelled to adelaide and stayed at the same caravan park - like a camp.  But now it's just like a normal meeting.  Part of the planetshakers experience has always been the travel and the camping...but now that's not part of it, so it's strange.
I'm planning to go to shakers again tonight and tomorrow night - Reggie Dabbs is speaking tonight, and Glen Berteau is speaking Saturday.  I've only ever heard Reggie speak on DVD, so it should be great finally hearing him speak in person.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

back to the grindstone...

Well, I'm back at work, and with nothing to do for the next 4 weeks it should almost be like a continuation of my holiday!...mmm a holiday at work!
Planetshakers starts it's Sydney conference tonight, so I'm going to be attempting to go to as many of the night meetings that I can - I'll have to leave straight after work to get there early enough to get a good seat.  It should be great though.  I didn't get  to go at all last year, so a couple of night meetings is better than nothing.
Thankyou to everyone who's been visiting and leaving comments!  They make me feel loved (haha).  For some reason, the computer I was using while on holidays wouldn't load the blog properly, so I couldn't view the comments, or even check to make sure that my posts had loaded properly!
I hope you all had a great christmas and new year, and here's to a fantastic 2005.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Last days...

Well tonight is my last night at home in Lincoln. I fly out to Adelaide
mid-morning, spend the 3 hour lay-over at Glenelg eating icecream on the
beach, then arrive back in Sydney around 6pm. It's sad to leave, but it's
also exciting to be going home.

I think that I've managed to catch up with as many of my friends as is
humanly possible in the two weeks I've been here! It definitely proves who
your real friends are, when they make time to see you, no matter how busy
they are. I've found in the two years I've been living in Sydney, it's
surprising who will keep in contact, and who won't. It makes it easier for
me to know who to visit when I come back :)

Sadly, most of the friends that have kept in touch with me are ones that
aren't too heavily involved in the church. They may be involved in
ministry, but they're also still in contact with "the outside world" -
they're not so involved that they don't see the bigger picture, and their
lives are a healthy balance of church and "non-church" activities (if you
get what I mean!) Most of these friends are also ones that have spent time
away - living overseas or in other cities, and so have attended other
churches and are conscious of a bigger church than those who have spent
their lives in a small country church. Sorry if I sound jaded, but it's
the truth.

However, this time around, I've managed to catch up with friends that live
interstate, and other friends that I haven't seen or spoken to in years!
Tomorrow morning before I catch my flight, I'm even having a quick coffee
with a friend I haven't seen for 18 months - she's just had a baby, so that
should be cool!

So now it's off to bed for me, so I can get up early enough to pack and go
and have more! coffee............

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Years...

Well according to my computer clock, the time is 11:56pm on new year's eve.
"What am I doing home, on my computer at that time?" I hear you all

...well some of my friends went camping, but it's on the brink of raining
and I don't have any camping gear, so I decided not to go camping. The
other half of my friends were invited to an "invitation only" new year's
party, and because I don't live here anymore I wasn't invited to that
party, so I invited a friend of mine and her boyfriend (who also happens to
be my brother's best friend) around for dinner...they came and left around
an hour ago. So I've spent the last half hour playing Uno Attack with my
parents (which was fun...I won most of the games!), and now I'm watching
the end of Moulin Rouge on channel 7 before I see in the new year by
myself. (gee I'm having a great whinge!)

Well, as I write this it's just gone midnight, so happy new year's
everyone...hope you had an enjoyable night.