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Monday, May 28, 2007

To Mike and Amy

I found out this morning that Sam died. Sam is the 11 year-old son of Mike and Amy Rayson. I did year 12 with Amy, ministered a few times with Mike, and spent time with their kids as my mum was their day-care provider.
They now live in tennessee, but are coming home in a couple of weeks to bury their first-born, something parents should never have to do.

Mike and Amy, on the off-chance that you read this, please know that my heart goes you to you both, and to Laura and Ollie at this horrible time. I know you'll be in sydney soon, so if you want to catch up, please drop me a line or call me at work (Word Bookstore Sydney CBD.)

To those who are reading this, Please drop by mike's ministry site: www.mikerayson.net or Mike's blog/myspace: www.myspace.com/mikerayson or Amy's blog: www.raysonfamily.blogspot.com and leave a message.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Day 5

Today is day 5 of my lovely acute chest infection. I've essentially been in bed for most of the time. I've purposely been trying to spend more time out of bed the past few days, as i'm off to work again on monday - i just hope i survive my first day back at work! I really hate being unwell - this is the longest that i've been sick for some time.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's a cat-bird!

I saw this sunday morning while walking to my car, and i had to take a photo. How many times have you seen a cat sleeping in a nest! He was there again that night but kept an eye on me while i walked past him :-)

Tuesday nights

Petrol is usually cheaper on tuesdays. The last time i bought petrol, i paid just over $1.40 per litre. Tonight it's around $1.20 less 4c a litre. Everyone has the same idea tonight - the queues are crazy. I haven't moved in the time it's taken to take the photo above and post this blog! Actually, i just moved forward one car length! Things are really moving now!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ok bloggers!

Now I've found a computer I can use before youth, I have finally adjusted my mobile blog to post directly to this one here. That way, you can see all my lovely pictures (!) without having to go to that other mobile blog address. And, if I'm still in your RSS reader or your bloglines...whatever you use, you will be able to realise that I'm still alive!

Oh here's some random fun news - Rodney (from The Journey) started his own footy tipping comp (that's AFL footy for the uneducated!), and I'm currently ranked 5th! As you can see, poor Rodney is currently 14th - out of 14! This makes me happy....not that he's 14th........anyway!
Insight (we stil don't have a website, so no link love here) are off to our young adults camp this weekend - our "success weekend". We've got accommodation this year that's 1000% up on last year's - I think there's actually heating at this place :) we're all looking forward to it - should be great. We've got John Cameron coming over from NZ for the camp - it should be a great weekend.
Well off to youth!