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Saturday, September 23, 2006


There's 5 minutes left in the crows vs eagles game, and i've pretty much conceded defeat. Unfortunately, the crows just seemed to loose it in the 2nd half of the game. Congratulations to bruce & rodney, but next weekend i'm backing the swans, which means that the eagles will probably win :-(

Friday, September 22, 2006

Lunch anyone?

Today i'm attending the annual parliamentary christian prayer fellowship luncheon at parliament house. Cardinal George Pell is the guest today, so it will be interesting to hear what he has to say regarding the Pope's recent comments.

My car is finally getting fixed! My mechanic is coming to my house tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully it won't be too expensive. I think that i'm down to the metal on my front drivers side brake - obviously not a good thing.

the footy this weekend is going to be good. I'm tipping sydney over Fremantle, and Adelaide over west coast, in what will likely be a very close match.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Saturday night I flew directly from Melbourne (after my 3-day work conference), and upon landing, went straight to the Entertainment Centre to see Hugh Jackman in "The Boy From Oz".

If you haven't seen it yet, (and you live in Perth) do yourself a favour and GO!!! It's an incredible experience, and Hugh truly dissapears into the character of Peter Allen. I'm itching to go and see it again, but the seat I had cost $150 and I'd want to get a bit closer the next time...not sure if that's going to be an option, especially with the sounds that are still coming from my car.

I enjoyed my very first trip to Melbourne last week, and on the way back to the airport, my boss indulged me by taking me down Lygon street, and promised to take me to the MCG on my next trip to Melbourne. Aahh, it felt good to be in the homeland of AFL :)

Hopefully I'll have some pics we took at the Boy from Oz to post soon. I'd never realised how sad the song "Tenterfield Saddler" was. It was very hard to not cry during the song! Hugh Jackman was incredible though. My friends and I kept having to remind ourselves that it really was Hugh there on stage and not someone else. It was slightly surreal! I left the show feeling very inspired - theatre and professional stage productions do that to me. I always wish that I had continued with my dancing - I would have loved to be involved in dance and theatre. Maybe it might still happen. You never know.

Till next time!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Reply to rodney

For lack of net access, i'm replying to rodney's comment here: the mechanic did have a nice surprise - he's on leave until next week! I'm leaving it up to my friend he she wants to take it to someone else or not.

I saw your pics, and i'm very jealous. What did you think of the slow motion tennis? I thought it was inspired...

i'm looking forward to meeting you all too. Email Me closer to the date and we'll sort out the details.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

lots of news lots of news

Wow. So much has happened since my last post that I couldn't even attempt to write this update on my mobile email. The buttons are too small.

Ok, so I had my birthday 2 weeks ago. What I didn't mention earlier is that my auntie was found dead in her laundry three days before my birthday. It was strange. We weren't that close - we hadn't spoken for the last 3 or 4 years, but she's still my dad's sister. She's also left her 24 year old daughter essentially alone, to raise her own twins by herself, as there's no father on the scene there either. Her funeral is tomorrow, 19 days after she died. That's another story all on it's own. I'm not going to the funeral as it's in Lincoln, and I can't afford the flight home at the moment. It's sad, but I'm quite ok with not going, as it's going to be quite a stressfull day. My dad's family doesn't do funerals (or much else) well when there's other people involved. I can almost garuntee that there'll be at least 1 major argument before the afternoon's out.

Then there was Steve Irwin and Peter Brock. What a shock! I'm still at a loss there. A kid was interviewed on tv, and he said it pretty well when he mentioned that he thought that Steve died from a Croc attack. But when it was said that he died due to a sting by a stingray, it just doesn't make sense. I didn't even know that Peter Brock had died until mum called me and mentioned it to me. But, like many have said (including my senior pastor), they both died doing what they loved, and probably wouldn't have had it any other way.

And then, out of the blue, stuff has started going wrong with my car. I'm lending it to a friend tomorrow while I'm away at a work conference, so she's taking it to the mechanic's for me, but hopefully it's not to exxy. It's probably a brakes thing, so it probably will be a little on the pricey side unfortuately.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Melbourne for 3 days for a work conference. It's going to be my first trip to Melbourne, so I'm slightly excited. Then, I get back just in time on Saturday to go to the Boy from Oz (with Hugh Jackman!). It's going to be a huge weekend.

Also, I've updated my profile pic, as you've probably noticed. New haircut = new picture! I was going to add some more pics, but the blogger uploader seems to be on the blink. Next time.

Well I think my next student is here, so until next time!!!

and how could I forget this - GO THE CROWS!!!! YEAH!