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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Theological thought of the minute...

While checking someone's blog, noticed that they had read a book entitled 'What Happens During Communion', which got me thinking.
Because i'm Pentecostal in my beliefs, i don't subscribe to the Catholic understanding of communion. For me, communion, the taking of the wine and bread (or grape juice and cracker) is a time of rememberance. The power of communion comes through the acts of repentance and rememberance, not so much through the actual emblems. (Feel free to correct me if you think i'm wrong.)
This is how i see it: when i smell a particular perfume, i associate it with a friend who is currently serving as a missionary overseas. A particular movie will remind me of a great night with friends. Even something as simple as a phrase or even a word can remind me of someone. And likewise, when we take communion, it reminds us of everything that was done for us that day by Jesus. It helps us to shift our focus off ourselves and back onto that which is truly important. Jesus Himself said 'as you do this, REMEMBER Me.'
That is why i believe that Communion is more about the act of rememberance than the act of partaking in the wine and the bread. It can be just as profound with a nice coffee and biscuits as it can be with grape juice and crackers.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's official!

I have decided that i am officially having my 'quarter life crisis'.
My birthday is on monday, and let's just say i'll be on the other side of my 20's. I don't think it's so much the age issue, (even though i'm getting far too close to 30 than i'm comfortable to admit) but more the 'achievement factor' that i've always associated with this age.
When my Mum turned 26, I was one month off turning 5, my sister was 3, and mum was 5 months pregnant with my brother.
In my grand life plan (the one that's always in the back of your mind) i had always thought that i'd at least be married by now- but not with 3 kids already! 
It's easy for me to think that because i'm not where i thought i'd be that i haven't accomplished anything. But, as i look back over my (short) life, i have done quite a lot. 
I became the first person in my dad's family to complete my schooling, and do so successfully. I was accepted into my first choice at university, but deferred for 12 months and eventually decided that social science wasn't for me.
I studied piano for 4 years and played in my local church for 8 years. (I started playing in church when i was 12).
I was a member and assistant coach of the local calisthenics club for 9 years, which culminated in 3 state titles, 2 for the team i was in, and 1 with the team i assisted. In that time i was also awarded the equivalent of the best & fairest or coach's trophy, and also recieved a club award for dance.
I performed at 3 'carols on the foreshore', once as the feature soloist, in front of around 3500 people.
That was all before i turned 21.
After i turned 21, i joined a band and moved to Sydney. The band thing didn't go well at all and so only lasted 3 months. But 5 years later, i'm still here!
I'm actively involved in my church as a vocalist and as a leader. I've worked full-time for my church, and have been involved in recording 2 albums with the church.
 I've also had the opportunity to be part of our Christmas and Easter productions for the part 4 1/2 years, and meet and work with some incredibly talented musicians and vocalists.
I am now working a fantastic job in the city and also work as a singing teacher as well.
So i'm not where i thought i'd be, but who knows where i should be apart from God? After all, His ways are higher than mind. Before i was formed He knew me and numbered my days. His plans for me are for good not evil, and if i keep my trust in Him, He will make my paths straight!

Friday, August 03, 2007

There's more...


The week of voluntary needles

I'm not a fan of needles. But yesterday i had my first Gardasil vaccination. I just assumed that it would be one, possibly two shots, but NO this one takes 3 shots! Thankfully they're spread over 6 months, so it's not too bad. It's not actually the needle that hurts, but the stuff they force into your body. My arm is still sore, but then after my last tetanus booster my arm was sore for a week! The tagline for this vaccination programme is 'i can', which is why the bandaid on my arm says 'i did'.
The HPV Gardasil vaccination programme is currently free for women between 18 and 26 so if you're in that bracket, have a chat to your GP.
Just be forewarned, 'free' isn't always free. My 'free' vaccination still ended up costing me $85. Check with your doctor to see if they will still charge for consultation and nursing.
My second needle for the week will be tomorrow, when i make my second visit to (as they even refer to themselves!) The vampires at the blood bank. Now THAT'S a big needle. For the record, i'm O+ if you ever need any blood.
If you're not a blood donor, please do it! At the most it's an hour out of your day once every three months or so. It's such a little thing that can make so much difference in someone's life.