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Thursday, September 29, 2005

LIVE from Intensifire 05

Well we're now in the middle of day one of Intensifire. Last night Ps Luke spoke about how we need to need God as much as we need Air. This morning, Ps Ric Burrell (from Penrith CLC) spoke about how to overcome a wounded spirit, and in the second session he shared on the power of the Cross, and the power of forgiveness. He spoke about how Jacob started off as a deceiver, stealing the birth right from his brother, then went on to wrestle with an angel and be renamed Israel.

I'll try and update when I can....it's just lucky that I used to work at church, so getting a computer to use is easy!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

it begins....

After months of rehearsals and a year of planning, Intensifire 05 kicks off at 7:30 tonight. Which means that I won't be back at work until Tuesday next week (because Monday's a public holiday!).

We had our final rehearsal and sound check last night, and it's going to be LOUD! They've bought in 4 extra sub bins for the sound system, and I know for sure that we're exceeding the decibel limit that we have for "normal" church.

Ps Luke (McMartin) is speaking tonight...

I'll try and post updates from the conference if I get the chance.

Oh - please keep the band & vocalists in your prayers, as we're going into the conference with no back-up team. We're it -AND we're recording another live album and DVD on friday night. Should be interesting.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Premiers 2005

Well the Swans did it! Due to rehearsals for our up-coming youth conference (Intensifire), we were only able to catch the last 10 minutes of the game, but what 10 minutes they were! In the whole band, there were only 3 of us who really follow AFL, so the majority of the band had no idea what was going on, but we were all screaming our heads off, none the less!

My favourite moment of those ten minutes? The Swans were up by 4 points, and West Coast had the ball in their 50m...and it looked as though they were in with a chance of kicking a goal...when the Swans marked the ball!!! AAAHHH!!! Talk about stress...I'm sure glad I'm not Paul Roos.

Nothing is Sound

I picked up my copy of the new Switchfoot CD yesterday (in the 3 hours between services!)...and I love it already.
Tracks 1 (Lonely Nation), 2 (Stars) and 4 (The Shadow proves the Sunshine) are my current favourites.

As I listen to the CD, I begin to hear echoes of U2 and Bob Dylan...as well as biblical qualities such as laments, and psalms.

Jon (Foreman) has been blogging about some of the songs on the album over at their MySpace site, but I'll steal them and put them here for your convenience! (Aren't I nice?)


Lonely Nation (September 1)

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Over the course our time on the road as a band I have met so many amazing, beautiful, desperate, lonely people. We are the lonely nation. We are the disenchanted, the disillusioned- we are the remnant of lonely souls wanting more than anything that we can buy with this cold, hard cash. I wrote this song while we were playing a stretch of rock radio shows. I'd walk around near the back and just breathe in the loneliness- masses of lonely, scared kids. I remember thinking about the irony. Here you have this connected generation of online communities, IM, TM, myspace, and cell phones that grows more and more lonely every day. This is a song is still yearning, saying, "Don't settle, please, don't give up. Fight for only the true and the beautiful!"

We wanted to start the record with this track because we feel that this song picks up where Meant to Live left off. There is hope for meaning and truth in this life but it probably doesn't come in the form of a corporate slogan. We, the target market, want more than this world has to offer. This is a song where tim and chad drive the verses and the guitars take the chorus. We've played this song many times live and refined it quite a bit from it's original state. There's nothing like playing a new song in front of real people with real opinions. The people at those shows, (the extended switchfoot family), they shaped this song as much as anyone.

Stars (September 2)

Here's another song that we've been playing live for a while. Maybe it's the Led Zeppelin side of me but I love a good rock riff and this one is really fun to play. It's a good builder that I'm anxious to play this summer.

Speaking of summer, I have a theory about social entropy; if you and I ever end up talking about existence drinking caffeinated beverages in the wee hours remind me to tell you all about it. For now let's just say that in a world of pain and war and divorce and greed and genocide, how does anything good ever happen? I understand the second law of thermodynamics in the physical world to be something like this: "Any system which is free of external influences becomes more and more disordered with time. This disorder can be expressed in terms of the quantity called entropy."

So without some sort of external influence on the social plane, I find no logical reason why humankind didn't see her last day a long time ago. Call it grace or love or anti-entropy- there must be something keeping things together. The question becomes, why do good things happen to bad people? In the song, the first verse looks at things from Descartes perspective, pinning the center of the universe on the individual. "Maybe I've been the problem," maybe I'm overcast, falling apart, etc... The second verse talks about our world from the perspective of the stars looking down on earth from the eternal dance of gravity and motion. I love the night sky. It reminds me of how small and insignificant i and my problems are in light of the infinite. When I look at the stars i feel like myself.

Happy is a Yuppie Word (September 3)

A year ago I had a late night talk with a friend who stated the quote: "Happy is a yuppie word." I stayed up after he left, turned off the TV war and wrote a song about our happy, yuppie world. Turns out, Bob Dylan was the one being quoted.

"In 1991, when Rolling Stone interviewed Dylan on the occasion of his 50th birthday, he gave a curious response when the interviewer asked him if he was happy. He fell silent for a few moments and stared at his hands. 'You know,' he said, 'these are yuppie words, happiness and unhappiness. It's not happiness or unhappiness, it's either blessed or unblessed.'”

For me this song is the heart of the record, pumping blood out to the limbs and fingers and mouth and such. And maybe every lyric on the record might be needed and true, still this song has kept everything alive for us. We had the privilege of opening for Wilco a few years past- I would like to dedicate this song to the incredible music that they have given all of us down through the years.

The Shadow Proves the Sunshine (September 4)

Here's a tune that is a bit different than anything we've done before. It's a very simple tune- so simple that we almost overlooked it. The fight with this one was to work slow. The song didn't want much else other than a very honest performance. So when we went in to start overdubbing we would track a bunch of ideas and then come to the conclusion that we liked it better naked. So we would take everything off and start from scratch. It ended up being one of my favorite songs on the record. One of my favorite moments on the record was singing the words into the piano to get all of the strings resonating; I had the idea a while ago and have never been able to pull it off. It felt great to scream into a piano and hear the piano scream back. I can't wait to play this song live- it feels like it needs to be sung outdoors, against the backdrop of a dark night.

Easier Than Love (September 5)

Another song inspired by irony or paradox or perhaps sheer confusion. How is it that one of the most meaningful, intimate moments in a human's life is now used to sell beverages or magazines or auto parts? And indeed, sex sells. It's no wonder that sex is easier than love, because love is extremely difficult, almost impossible at times. I have no fingers to point, my friends, I'm simply stating the obvious and I love screaming this one out. This one was inspired by the Shins- a great band with great production elements. In many ways, Romey really made this one come alive.

The Blues (September 6)

Drew's feedback on this track was so great. he had two combos cranked with different pedals chained to each. Noise never sounded so beautiful! But the true hero for me on this tune was Tim. Don't tell him I said this but he's a freaking genius when it comes to parts like this. I walked back into the control room and there was Paul Mc- I mean Tim- making things happen. I tend to write some of my favorite songs on significant days in my life- birthdays and such. Anyhow, here's a tune that was written on new years day 2004. I pulled an acoustic demo of the song together and threw it on the pile of songs we had for the record. We loved the way the vocal sounded on the demo- raw and honest so we kept it. To sing a song about the new year in march just wouldn't sound quite right, so the vocal on the record is the first time I ever sang the song: 1/1/04. This one means a lot to me, like our modern day Psalm of sorts. This would be the next step from the beautiful letdown lyrically and musically- a long meandering song about how the end of the world might actually be a beautiful day. It will be a day like this one when the world caves in.

The Setting Sun (September 7)

I wrote this one in australia a while back. I remember it well. Sometimes I get really down on myself and the world around me and wonder why we're all here, spinning around on this planet. It seems that we're unable to escape the ugliness that lies within us nor around us and yet we all have this immense appreciation and appetite for beauty and truth: a paradox indeed. Here's another one- the worlds of politics, business, or even music tend to behave with the social etiquette of a Jr. High School playground. Do we all become marginalized as mere products to be sold? I'm not buying it. Neither the good nor the bad. I don't believe the hype. Meaningless, meaningless, a chasing after the wind. There's a place where all of these shadows will fade and no amount of hype can take that away from me.

Politicians (September 8)

We played this one downtown in Washington DC, surrounded on all sides by the government buildings. You see, I believe in democracy because I mistrust all humanity equally, (including myself). Power corrupts us all and we become political, (in the worst connotation of the word). We become simply pawns of our own insatiable hunger for control. Maybe control is a myth, like Santa Claus or the easter bunny: a nice fable that makes the children want to be good all year round. Well, seems to me there's a monster in all of us. I pledge allegiance to a nation without borders, without pride, without politicians like ourselves.

Golden (September 9)

We are lonely souls in the land of broken hearts, far from home but this is where the story begins. And yes, you are the protagonist, you are the hero and the villain, the prince and the pauper and the clown all in one. So where do things head from here? well, that's your call... I remember drew laying down his line over top of the verses, this mellow, ethereal roof over top of the song.

Fatal Wound (September 10)

I wrote this song so that we would have a tune to play during the set with a harmonica. I'm deadly serious here. The harmonica will drive a man to do many things, (especially, in conjunction with a few bob dylan disks). This song was one of those tunes that you just spit out and try to figure out what it means after you're through- a rather dangerous way to go but very honest, almost free association type of thing. Well, it means a few things to me but overall it's a song of hope. The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. Hope for the hopeless in the form of the king of failures. The bed of e-bow guitars at the beginning really set the tone for this track for me. I whispered some Bokowski-ish lines over top and viola! -a vibey track appears from the mist of the harmonica flatlands.

We Are One Tonight (September 11)

This was the last track we pulled out for the record. We camped out for a day in a studio called The Pass that a friend of fields owns- such a great place! I think I want to rent it out and live there. Pool table, kitchen, shower, couch, and a room to cut drums in... Honestly, what more could a guy want?! Chad gets to the studio and hobbles in on his crutches with a badly sprained ankle and proceeds to destroy the kick with an iron foot. That was a gratifying sight to see! Glad we could get the wook in on the record too- if it wasn't for this last minute addition we wouldn't have been graced with his name on the credits.

Daisy (September 12)

Ah, daisy! sweet daisy... this one is my wife's favorite. I wrote it a while ago yet somehow it didn't make it onto the last record. I'm really thankful it didn't; I don't think we were ready for it then. Some songs age like wine and others age like milk finding a sour, over-thought, overproduced end. This one lasted for a long time and kept getting better. I feel really great about how it came out. In fact the end of the tune might be my favorite rock moment on the record, ironic because the beginning of the tune is anything but rock- so sparse and pretty. Because of the different tuning, it's a pain to get the guitar back to normal afterwards so we've never played this one live. I want to wait for just the right moment. I remember chad was hitting so hard on this one that he ended up breaking the kick pedal on the last hit of the song, he shouts out,"I think I broke the kick pedal!" We ended up cutting it out for the record because it seemed a little camp. Maybe we'll put it up online or something, because it needs to be heard. Classic Chad: the man with the iron foot strikes again!
For me, this is an appropriate way to finish the record- A song about letting go. When we're making an album I tend to go into this mode where all I think about is the record, the record, the record- in very unhealthy ways at times. I usually put a lot of pressure on myself because the music means so much to me. but like everything else, a record has a beginning and an end. You have to put the brush down and walk away. I'm not sure I've done that yet but I'm working on it! I've heard it said that a record is never completed, you just move on to the next one. I'm very proud of this record and feel like this is better than anything we've done so far and yet I'm anxious to beat it. Thanks for listening and thanks for reading.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Brass Monkey Pt 2

I can't believe I forgot this part of Saturday night!

As it was my friend's birthday, we'd given her details to the bar staff, who then in turn passed them on to Glenn Tillbrook...which meant that he said something to her after nearly every song, followed by a "cheers, then!". Close to midnight, we decided to leave, as many had an early call for church the next morning. But instead of all 10 of us leaving at the same time, we decided that we'd leave in 1's and two's, so it wouldn't be so rude.

Eventually, there were just four of us left at the table, and while I was in the bathroom, the three remaining girls decided to leave. I heard the whole restaurant yell out "See you Becci", followed by silence - no band, or anything. When I returned to the restaurant, Glenn was no longer on stage, and people were leaving the restaurant in droves!

Upon leaving the restaurant, I found all of my friends waiting for me - surrounded by the diners in the restaurant, and Glenn, who had decided to seronade us to our cars - 2 blocks away!

Belive me, it makes for an interesting night when you're escorted to your car by Glenn Tillbrook and half a restaurant!

The Brass Monkey

I've been to two shows at The Brass Monkey in the past week.

The first show was on saturday night for my friend's birthday, so we went out for a "girls night out" at the Brass Monkey. We didn't know who was playing, but it turned out that The Brewster Brothers (ex The Angels) were up first, featuring Buzz (The Angels) on drums. After that treat, Glenn Tilbrook was up. Glenn was part of a band called Squeeze, from the UK. I wasn't familiar with his stuff, so I'm guessing it was before my time.

Last night I went again, so see my friends' band The Dawn Collective. I'd been trying to get to a show of theirs for over 12 months, but every time they were playing anywhere remotely near me, something would come up (even my car breaking down!) and I wouldn't be able to make it.

I was so glad that I finally made a show - and I wasn't dissapointed! They were amazing. (Side note: when I walked in and located my friends, I went over to say hi - Greg - guitarist extraordinaire - commented "so you finally made a show!". Thanks. )

After The Dawn Collective left the stage, we were in for another treat - The Devoted Few. I'd heard of them, but never heard or seen them. They blew me away! A 6 piece band, in a tiny venue, and TIGHT! It was a muso's treat! They're heading over to Perth soon (like tomorrow!), so if you're in the area, go and see them! You'll be glad you did.

I still don't like Bob

following on from my previous post....

They're still not claiming any responsibility for the red paint on my car, however they have kindly offered to polish the offending paint and scratch out of my paintwork. That's nice of them. (I'll post about it when it's done...don't hold your breath).

My car is now registered - the RTA were great - no extra inspections required. For once, I appreciated the service I recieved at a Government Office. Wonders never cease.

I prayed for God to intervene in the Bob Jane saga, and He has....and still is. Still learning to trust, I guess.

The worst (or best?) thing about the whole thing, is that I couldn't let myself really loose it. They knew when I was not happy, but at the same time, I tried hard not to let my anger cause me to sin.

Every time I was tempted to really loose it, it was just like God was sitting on my shoulder and reminding me that I am His ambassador. What if my decision to have a dummy spit at the staff member stopped him from coming to know Christ? (in any way or form?) I need to live as an example - not just at church, but in every day life. Even when I'm getting a raw deal from a garage.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I'm really not that interested in what Mark Latham has to say at the moment. To me, it all sounds like a big dummy spit (kinda like me earlier!). I actually met Mark a few years ago when he visited our church as part of National Honour Day. I'd just got off stage and was in the church lobby, when I bumped into Mark and his son, who was playing on our waterfall. He seemed like a nice enough guy, but then time can do strange things to people. I've heard many comments suggesting that he may have had a breakdown, which is a highly feasable option. For his sake, I hope he gets himself sorted out before he damages himself, or his family, further.

This quote from PM John Howard relating to "The Latham Diaries" (from NineMSN):

Mr Howard said he had read only excerpts of The Latham Diaries and said he was unlikely to read the whole book.

"I just have more important things to do," he said.

"I don't mean that in a patronising way, but Mr Latham is in the past as far as Australian politics is concerned.

My thoughts exactly.


I'm still grumpy today. And angry with "Bob".

You see, my car is due for registration, and because I live in NSW, and I had a "new" motor installed earlier this year, my car requires two inspections - a blue and pink slip, to allow it to be registered. The blue slip is for vehicle modifications, to make sure that every thing is OK, and not stolen, and the pink slip is to ensure that the car is roadworthy.

I've spent $$ making sure that my car would pass rego, only to be turned down for both slips - and my rego is due tomorrow. Apparently one of the digits of the engine number appears to have been chipped off...(that probably happened when the boys changed it over), so now they suspect that it's been tampered with
(code for "stolen"), which means that it needs a secondary inspection at the RTA. The pink slip, which I was 99% sure of, was turned down because of 1) a small engine leak, 2) one globe above my rear number plate has blown, and 3) my front parking lights don't work (even though they worked last week when they were left on and drained my car battery!).

I'm not particularly angry that these were the reasons, but don't you think that the mechanic should have called me (before 4:50) to let me know so that I could authorise them to replace the offending light bulbs? Seriously, some people have no brains.

So then I went to pick up my car and drove home....fuming the whole way. Then, at the same time I was speaking (complaining) to my father on the phone, I noticed something on my car that hadn't been there when I dropped it off that morning....a nice little addition of a few scratches and a nice swipe of red paint on my front bumper! Now my car is not in perfect condition, but I know every scratch on that car...and a swipe of red paint definitely stands out on a white car! I then finished my conversation with my dad, and called "Bob" and informed them of the "addition" to my car. They refused to take any responsibility for the damage to my car - and asked me to bring the car in this morning.

Which I did.

When I arrived there this morning, they tried their hardest to make it my fault. So I informed them that the damage appears to be of the kind that is only sustained when reversing out of a carpark and swinging the car back to the left - not when entering a park. And I won't take anything but "we're sorry, it's our fault, let us fix that for you" from them.

Now I realise that's probably not going to happen, but it should. I think that this is the only downfall to being a single girl living alone (ie no parents etc)...people think they can walk all over you (particularly mechanics...and trust me, I know!).

I'll update on the paint situation when it happens.

Oh yeah - and I'm never taking my car there again.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Stupid Videos

Please watch this video....I just watched it, and it made me laugh so much that I cried!


Friday, September 16, 2005

Intensifire '05

There are now less than two weeks until Intensifire starts. For all those who don't know, Intensifire is the youth conference of Liverpool CLC, and is being held from Sept 28 - October 1.

We had our 2nd last band rehearsal last night, and it went quite well. This year we've gone with a more relaxed rehearsal schedule - that is, we just made sure that we knew all the songs on the roster extremely well. Last year we had a very confusing and complex rehearsal schedule, where we rehearsed each meeting's songs as they were going to happen, which meant that you only showed up for the rehearsal for the services you were rostered for. Confused? We were!

This year's rehearsals have been a lot of fun, and I think that's going to be reflected in the conference this year. We're all excited, and we've been putting a lot of prayer into the conference. After each rehearsal, we spend time in prayer and worship, which no doubt has contributed to the success of our rehearsals.

So if you live in the South-West of Sydney, and are looking for something for your kids to do during school holidays, send them along! You can still register online at www.intensifire.com.au

(click on the images for full-size view)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

4 corners

Just thought that I'd post this picture - it's of where my last 100 visitors have come from...if you're reading this, let me know which one you are!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

how could I forget?

...we raced home from Hillsong on saturday night to watch the Crows V Port elimination final...what better way to end a day - especially with a score like this?

Final Score:
Adelaide 18. 15. (123) def. Port Adelaide 5. 10. (40)

I loved the camera shots shown during the game of hindley street, rundle mall, glenelg and restaurants around the town...adelaide had become a ghost town for all of 3 hours.

My parents were tempted to go out for dinner on Saturday night - there was no reason to reserve a table, and Mum was worried that she wouldn't be able to handle the stress of watching the game! She was even considering taping the game, and then watching it based on the outcome!

So Bruce and Rodney, watch out. We're coming your way!

weekend review

The weekend was good...friday night was our women's banquet, with Lisa McInnes-Smith, who's always good fun. It was great seeing all the ladies in their ballgowns with nice hair! Saturday involved me sleeping until 1pm...I didn't get to bed until 3am after the banquet. Then we went to saturday church @ Hillsong. I was slightly dissapointed that Kevin Gerald didn't preach (that's why I went), but what Christine Caine spoke about was great.

Sunday morning was another early one, as I was on for both am services. I tripped on a mat on the way up to the stage, and landed square on my knees and shins, so I was on stage (in stilleto's!) in a nearly bearable amount of pain for the two services. I didn't move around much on stage :)

Sunday night we went off to Hillsong again, to see Delirious. Jon, their bass player wasn't on tour with them, as his wife had just given birth to their second child Jackson Elliot the day before they were due to fly out, but it was a great night. Stu G and Martin Smith both spoke, and as I didn't take my note book with me, I was frantically sending myself text messages all night with small quantaties of notes from Martin's message!

I've got the night off tonight...maybe I'll get an early one? (yeah right!)

Friday, September 09, 2005


Well the album is finished, mastered, and off to the duplicators. (I was going to write replicators...but that's stargate...)

Luke (McMartin) played me some of the album last night, and it sounds incredible! Guy, our sound engineer is taking one of the songs with him to the UK later in the year, and he hopes to get it air time on a gospel station he knows about. Interesting stuff if it happens.

The album will be released on September 28th, for a very good price of $20. Apparently if we pre-order, we get them for $19.95. I asked if I get a free one for all my hard work...and Luke told me that I should buy 10 to pay for my studio time! The trouble with Luke is that you never know when he's telling the truth (a fantastic quality for a youth pastor to have...)...thankfully I know he's just muckin' around...I hope!

So if you want to get a copy, email me at this address: boardman.paula AT gmail.com, and we'll sort something out!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

light blogging

Work and real life have both been busy as of late, hence the lack of blogging....so if for some reason, the blogging doesn't pick up...it will eventually.

Church is keeping me quite busy lately: sunday past I did all four services, which takes quite a bit out of me. Mondays I attend my life group, Wednesdays are rehearsal nights for sundays, and also we had rehearsal for a women's banquet we're holding on friday night. Tonight is rehearsal for Intensifire, which is coming up in a few weeks. Fridays is usually Insight, but this week I'm singing at the Women's Banquet, so I'll be going there (even though I really want to go to the footy match). Saturday.....something's on....just can't remember what. I think I'll head over to Hillsong for their 6pm service on saturday....Kevin Gerald's preaching and I haven't heard him for ages. Sunday morning I'm doing the two AM services, then I'm going to head over to Hillsong again to see Delirious.

Saw Charlie & The Chocolate Factory on Tuesday night. Loved the movie - didn't really care much for the Oompa Loompa's though. I didn't like that they were all the same person. I found the whole movie to be much more like Dahl's book, which made me happy :)

Coming up at Church: (for more info visit www.clcliverpool.com.au )

Marcos Witt (explained to me by a latino friend as a "spanish Darlene...")
29 October 6pm
30 October 9am, 10:45, 5pm & 7pm
31 October 7:30pm

Intensifire Youth Conference
with: Benny Perez, Russell Evans & Andy Kubala
28 September - 1 October

Faith Conference - Empowered
with: Benny Perez
2-4 October

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

how weird are you?

You Are 30% Weird

Not enough to scare other people...
But sometimes you scare yourself.

How Weird Are You?

Monday, September 05, 2005


I really didn't want to write anything about New Orleans and what's going on over there - there is already enough on the net and on the news about it anyway; but I had to say something.

Like everyone else, I'm devastated by what happened. Natural disasters are horrible, because of one thing - they're natural disasters. Unpredictable, and with no-one to blame. However, those in "power" at the site of this disaster are trying their hardest to pin the blame on someone.

And that's what's making me the saddest. Possibly thousands of people have and are dying, and what are these people doing? Instead of using television interviews as calls for help, they're blasting the American Government and President Bush. We know the levee's didn't hold back the water, but no-one expected water levels to reach the top of the levee's now, did they? We know the pumps to take the water out of New Orleans aren't working - that's why the water's still there.

Hindsight is a fantastic thing isn't it? Everyone knows what SHOULD have been done as soon as it's happened. But abusing leaders? How's that going to reduce the water level, or bring someone's daughter back to life? That's right, all the complaining, pointing of the finger and abuse isn't going to make that happen. It's NOT the government's fault that a cyclone destroyed a city. That's why it's called a NATURAL DISASTER. There is NO ONE to blame.

It also makes me sad to see what people are beginning to do in a lawless society. Looting, rape, murder. It's scary to see the darkness of people's souls coming out in such a horrible situation. Thank God for all the Churches in the surrounding cities that are opening up their buildings as refuges for those who are now homeless. May their light shine even brighter than the evil that surrounds them.

Rant over.


[update 6/9/05 10.35am]
I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this way:
Dog n Moon - You've GOT to be kidding
Randy Elrod - STOP!...

36 days & weekend roundup

That's how long until we fly off to Fiji for two weeks of nothing. Should be good.

Um...that's reminded me....15 days till my car rego's due :( I wish I could live in NSW & pay SA rego rates. But then, that's just wishful thinking.

I was planning on going to Big Exo Day on Saturday (3rd), but I decided that I didn't want to spend $35 on a ticket, so I went and spent $130 on my hair instead. Go figure.

Sunday, I filled in for someone for the AM services, so again I was there from 7:30am until 9:30pm...the services were great - being father's day we had some great challenges - in the AM services, two guys were required to iron a shirt while talking on a mobile phone - in 60 seconds. Very interesting results. The PM Services, we held our own version of ready steady cook/iron chef, which was also quite entertaining.

Oh, and my football team lost in its first final for this season...against St Kilda!! How did that happen? But now it's set us up for a HUGE match next weekend - Adelaide VS Pt Adelaide in their first ever showdown final! And Captain ROO will be playing!!! Bring it ON!

Friday, September 02, 2005

big ad small ad?

For those of you who are yet to see this fantastic commercial for Carlton Draught, here's the link:

For another fantastic "ad" I just came across, follow this link:

Thursday, September 01, 2005

when in las vegas

Thanks to my friend Wendy:

This may come as a surprise to those of you not living in Las Vegas but there are more Catholic churches there than casinos. Not surprisingly, some worshippers at Sunday services will give casino chips rather than cash when the basket is passed.

Since they get chips from so many different casinos, the churches have devised a method to collect the offerings. The churches send all their collected chips to a nearby Franciscan Monastery for sorting and then the chips are taken to the casinos of origin and cashed in.

This is done by a chip monk.