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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I'm still grumpy today. And angry with "Bob".

You see, my car is due for registration, and because I live in NSW, and I had a "new" motor installed earlier this year, my car requires two inspections - a blue and pink slip, to allow it to be registered. The blue slip is for vehicle modifications, to make sure that every thing is OK, and not stolen, and the pink slip is to ensure that the car is roadworthy.

I've spent $$ making sure that my car would pass rego, only to be turned down for both slips - and my rego is due tomorrow. Apparently one of the digits of the engine number appears to have been chipped off...(that probably happened when the boys changed it over), so now they suspect that it's been tampered with
(code for "stolen"), which means that it needs a secondary inspection at the RTA. The pink slip, which I was 99% sure of, was turned down because of 1) a small engine leak, 2) one globe above my rear number plate has blown, and 3) my front parking lights don't work (even though they worked last week when they were left on and drained my car battery!).

I'm not particularly angry that these were the reasons, but don't you think that the mechanic should have called me (before 4:50) to let me know so that I could authorise them to replace the offending light bulbs? Seriously, some people have no brains.

So then I went to pick up my car and drove home....fuming the whole way. Then, at the same time I was speaking (complaining) to my father on the phone, I noticed something on my car that hadn't been there when I dropped it off that morning....a nice little addition of a few scratches and a nice swipe of red paint on my front bumper! Now my car is not in perfect condition, but I know every scratch on that car...and a swipe of red paint definitely stands out on a white car! I then finished my conversation with my dad, and called "Bob" and informed them of the "addition" to my car. They refused to take any responsibility for the damage to my car - and asked me to bring the car in this morning.

Which I did.

When I arrived there this morning, they tried their hardest to make it my fault. So I informed them that the damage appears to be of the kind that is only sustained when reversing out of a carpark and swinging the car back to the left - not when entering a park. And I won't take anything but "we're sorry, it's our fault, let us fix that for you" from them.

Now I realise that's probably not going to happen, but it should. I think that this is the only downfall to being a single girl living alone (ie no parents etc)...people think they can walk all over you (particularly mechanics...and trust me, I know!).

I'll update on the paint situation when it happens.

Oh yeah - and I'm never taking my car there again.

Is Bob's store a franchise? Can you go over Bob's head to Bob HQ?
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