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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

how could I forget?

...we raced home from Hillsong on saturday night to watch the Crows V Port elimination final...what better way to end a day - especially with a score like this?

Final Score:
Adelaide 18. 15. (123) def. Port Adelaide 5. 10. (40)

I loved the camera shots shown during the game of hindley street, rundle mall, glenelg and restaurants around the town...adelaide had become a ghost town for all of 3 hours.

My parents were tempted to go out for dinner on Saturday night - there was no reason to reserve a table, and Mum was worried that she wouldn't be able to handle the stress of watching the game! She was even considering taping the game, and then watching it based on the outcome!

So Bruce and Rodney, watch out. We're coming your way!

So will you be cheering for Sydney or West Coast next Saturday? :)
Commiserations Paula

your team did well and fought hard but didn't quite get there.

Be proud of them :)
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