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Thursday, September 08, 2005

light blogging

Work and real life have both been busy as of late, hence the lack of blogging....so if for some reason, the blogging doesn't pick up...it will eventually.

Church is keeping me quite busy lately: sunday past I did all four services, which takes quite a bit out of me. Mondays I attend my life group, Wednesdays are rehearsal nights for sundays, and also we had rehearsal for a women's banquet we're holding on friday night. Tonight is rehearsal for Intensifire, which is coming up in a few weeks. Fridays is usually Insight, but this week I'm singing at the Women's Banquet, so I'll be going there (even though I really want to go to the footy match). Saturday.....something's on....just can't remember what. I think I'll head over to Hillsong for their 6pm service on saturday....Kevin Gerald's preaching and I haven't heard him for ages. Sunday morning I'm doing the two AM services, then I'm going to head over to Hillsong again to see Delirious.

Saw Charlie & The Chocolate Factory on Tuesday night. Loved the movie - didn't really care much for the Oompa Loompa's though. I didn't like that they were all the same person. I found the whole movie to be much more like Dahl's book, which made me happy :)

Coming up at Church: (for more info visit www.clcliverpool.com.au )

Marcos Witt (explained to me by a latino friend as a "spanish Darlene...")
29 October 6pm
30 October 9am, 10:45, 5pm & 7pm
31 October 7:30pm

Intensifire Youth Conference
with: Benny Perez, Russell Evans & Andy Kubala
28 September - 1 October

Faith Conference - Empowered
with: Benny Perez
2-4 October

This 'light blogging' thing must be catching!
BUSY GIRL!!!! don't burn out, Paula. Enjoy the whirlwind of activities, but try to get some solitary time in there, to breathe and relax and pray, etc.
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