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Monday, September 05, 2005


I really didn't want to write anything about New Orleans and what's going on over there - there is already enough on the net and on the news about it anyway; but I had to say something.

Like everyone else, I'm devastated by what happened. Natural disasters are horrible, because of one thing - they're natural disasters. Unpredictable, and with no-one to blame. However, those in "power" at the site of this disaster are trying their hardest to pin the blame on someone.

And that's what's making me the saddest. Possibly thousands of people have and are dying, and what are these people doing? Instead of using television interviews as calls for help, they're blasting the American Government and President Bush. We know the levee's didn't hold back the water, but no-one expected water levels to reach the top of the levee's now, did they? We know the pumps to take the water out of New Orleans aren't working - that's why the water's still there.

Hindsight is a fantastic thing isn't it? Everyone knows what SHOULD have been done as soon as it's happened. But abusing leaders? How's that going to reduce the water level, or bring someone's daughter back to life? That's right, all the complaining, pointing of the finger and abuse isn't going to make that happen. It's NOT the government's fault that a cyclone destroyed a city. That's why it's called a NATURAL DISASTER. There is NO ONE to blame.

It also makes me sad to see what people are beginning to do in a lawless society. Looting, rape, murder. It's scary to see the darkness of people's souls coming out in such a horrible situation. Thank God for all the Churches in the surrounding cities that are opening up their buildings as refuges for those who are now homeless. May their light shine even brighter than the evil that surrounds them.

Rant over.


[update 6/9/05 10.35am]
I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this way:
Dog n Moon - You've GOT to be kidding
Randy Elrod - STOP!...

well said, Paula.
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