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Friday, August 26, 2005


Well tomorrow marks my 24th birthday. Yeah, I know - I'm getting old hey! (Sorry Rodney, had to do it!). I will be exactly half my Dad's age. (On my 21st, I was exactly half my Mum's age.)

Anyway....my birthday "parcel" from my parents and siblings arrived on Wednesday. The worst thing about that? I'm not allowed to open it until tomorrow. It's very tempting to open it and not let them know, but for some reason, I'm holding out until tomorrow.

And, because I was such a conscientious teenager, I got my drivers licence on my birthday 8 years ago, so every year, I get a nice little bill for my birthday - and a new "portrait" to celebrate the occasion!

So, tomorrow is a day I'm spending with all of my friends (and anyone they wanted to invite). In the afternoon, my girlfriends and I are heading off to play Laser Tag, and then everyone's going out to dinner at Il Punto, which is a new little Italian restaurant just down the road from my house. And then it's back to my place (invite only) for more fun and frivolity...we'll probably just be watching dvd's and playing games till the wee hours of the morning....not too early though, as a few are "on" for church in the morning....and that's a 7:30am call. Thank God i'm on for the evening services!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! yay!!!!
Paula I hope you have an awesome birthday! with the obvious exception of the footy of course ;)
Ooh dear - I think my invite must have got lost in post.

No worries. I can't actually make it this weekend.

Have a wonderful time, Paula. :)
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