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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

[AFL] Eagles v Crows 27/8/05

Well Bruce has suggested that his Eagles may win this match by 28 points, and in winning the match, they'd also win the minor premiership.

Let's assess the situation shall we?

Round 21
Adelaide Crows: WON by 110 points against Collingwood.

West Coast Eagles: LOST by 76 points against Geelong.

Round 20
Adelaide Crows: WON by 7 points against Port Power
West Coast Eagles: WON by 48 points against Fremantle

Round 19
Adelaide Crows: WON by 54 points against Melbourne
West Coast Eagles: LOST by 43 points against the Western Bull

Round 18
Adelaide Crows: WON by 7 points against Sydney Swans
West Coast Eagles: WON by 48 points against Hawthorn

Round 17

Adelaide Crows: WON by 13 points against the Kangaroos
West Coast Eagles: LOST by 21 points against Sydney Swans


In the last 5 rounds, we have the Crows winning all 5 of their matches, while the Eagles have only won 2.
The games we've won, we've won by an average of 38.2 points. West Coast have won by an average of 48 points, and have lost by an average of 46.6 (recurring!) points.

On the ladder, West Coast is still #1, with 17 wins and 4 losses a
nd a total score of 68 premiership points. Adelaide is still #2, with 16 wins and 5 losses, and a score of 64 premiership points. Percentages though, are as follows: West Coast 125.55% and Adelaide 137.77%, which is the highest winning percentage on the ladder at this time.

So if the crows win against the eagles, we will both be on 68 points, however our percentage would place us in first position on the ladder, securing US the minor round premiership.

So Bruce, my answer to your challenge? I think that the Crows will win by 23 points, kick the Eagles out of #1 for the first time this season, and take home the minor premiership! (And give me a happy birthday!)

It's just a pity that I'm going to be playing Laser Tag at the same time as the game is on....maybe I'll tape it to watch later...

Adelaide Crows: afc.com.au
West Coast Eagles: westcoasteagles.com.au

Impressive argument Paula. But you're forgetting one thing (as I mentioned on the other post).

The mighty EAGLES are unbeaten in their last 20 HOME GAMES.

And we aint losing this one either! :)
Don't be too upset Paula. Second on the ladder is still respectable. I'm sure your boys will be happy with finsihing in second place at the end of the season.
Well we're on a winning streak - this will be our 10th (and record) win...
I really hope it doesn't spoil your birthday...
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