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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

[AFL] Sorry

I've been promising studio pics for a while now, and I've also promised pics from the footy on sunday afternoon, but due to technical difficulties (ie missing usb cables, etc), that's on the backburner. Nevertheless, please be assured that I DID spend time recording in the studio, and I DID go to the football on the weekend. haha.

Some good news from the weekend: My beloved Adelaide Crows defeated our arch rivals Port Power in Showdown XVIII by 7 points! Final score: Port Adelaide 12.9 (81), Adelaide Crows 13.10 (88).

More good news from the weekend - a friend of mine who only a few weeks ago announced her pregnancy, has just announced that she is pregnant with TWINS!!!! It's their first pregnancy, so it's doubly exciting now. (But that means that I need to make another present!)

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