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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Big Brother 2005

Well it's all over (Thank God!).

Last night, Logan Greg (above left) walked away with $862,000 as the winner of BB05. However, as he was only one half of "Logan" (Logan Greg and Logan David), he only gets half the prize money as it's split 2 ways between the brothers.

I was hoping that Tim (above right) would win, as he was the nicest person in the house - and he was like that through the whole 100 days.

And, Network 10 has announced that Big Brother will be back in 2006. God only knows what they will have planned for then!

But who was the real winner for Big Brother 2005? I was.

I evicted all the Big Brother contestants from my TV set before the series even began. :)
Good work Rodney! I must admit, that I think I only watched 3 or 4 episodes this year. However, my flatmat watched it, and kept me in the loop, without the stuff she knew I didn't want to hear.
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