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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Books part 1

I thought it was about time I wrote something of substance other than what I've been doing...so here's a bit on what books I've been reading lately:
I've just completed (as of lunchtime today) "Sense and Sensibility"  by Jane Austin.  I  found it hard to start with, as Jane's books tend to just dump you in the middle of a society that's totally foreign to you, so you spend the first few chapters furiously trying to decipher who's who, how they're all inter-related, and what's actually happening.  Once you get past that, and get into the rythm of reading old-style english, it's quite enjoyable.
I didn't enjoy "Sense and Sensibility" as much as I enjoyed "Pride and Prejudice" (which I read a couple of months ago), but that's probably because "Pride and Prejudice" was the first Austin book that I read and/or watched on DVD, so I'm slightly partial to it.  However, it was an interesting read - I'm so glad I don't live in the 1800's!


Well, that worked.
I've just heard the final version of the church album, and even if I say so myself, it sounds GREAT! And if they go with the artwork I've seen, it's going to look as good as it sounds :)
Just under 2 weeks till Kimberley comes over for 2 weeks...I think it's around 11 sleeps...
And christmas production rehearsals start tomorrow night...don't know if that's something to get excited about or not...haha....oh that reminds me, I should have learnt my songs by now.....

Friday, October 22, 2004

let's try this again

I'm still trying to work out how to post a blog from my email....maybe this one will work? please?


A little "hello" to those few people who have told me that they've checked out this blog....thanks for visiting, but how about leaving a comment? :(

Monday, October 18, 2004

blind's last sydney show

Well I went with a group of friends (some new, some old) to Blind's LAST show on saturday night.
They played @ cornerstone in Newtown, which is always a great night out. The turnout was small, but at least you know the faithful supporters were there. Poor Andrew had BAD hayfever - I'm not prone to hayfever, and I was shocking on the weekend! - so I prayed with him before they went on, and Andrew rocked it!
I picked up their new album "A Song Before We Sleep", which is half new half old tracks, and it's great (well, that's my totally unbiased opinion).
My sister and I are heading off to their farewell party in Woolongong the week before the Lion King show, and it's going to be a great couple of days down in the 'Gong.

Friday, October 15, 2004

lion king here we come!

In the words of Big Kev, "I'm Excited"!

I've just bought tickets for my sister and myself to go and see "The Lion King" when she comes over in November. And, they're box seats.

Now there's only a month to wait...

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

well then

so that worked...

anyways! Intensifire absolutely ROCKED IT!!! One thing that was great (about the CM team) this year was that the majority of the songs we did, were written by guys in youth, so they were OUR songs - it wasn't us singing other people's songs. Probably the two songs that really impacted the conference - they really became the heart-cry of the conference were "Your Way Yaweh" and "With All of My Heart".

The live recording on the friday went really well. We did 4 songs, and I think the plan is to do another four songs later in the year, so we can release a full album at next intensifire. We've heard the raw recording from the night, and it sounds great - even without over-dubs, mixing and mastering.

I managed to loose my voice over the period of the conference, loosing it totally on the saturday of conference. It's now wednesday, and it's still nowhere near full strength...I haven't done this to myself for years!

Attempt #357

I'm having trouble getting my head around this page format...every time I post, it doesn't show, and I can't access my comment (note - comment...no "S").

I'm working at it though...

Friday, October 08, 2004


This week's been a huge one at church. We started off with our 2nd annual faith conference, featuring Andy Kubala and Paul de Jong. Then on Wednesday, we kicked off our 3rd (or 4th?) annual youth conference: Intensifire. So far, we've heard from Andy Kubala, and today Mike Guglielmucci's preaching.

We're recording a live EP tonight, and Russell Evans is preaching all day tomorrow. It's full on - my voice is almost gone, and I'm singing for the recording tonight!!! aah!!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Let's see how this goes

Well, this is a first for me.

I've never had any intention - ever - of creating my own blog.But, I needed to sign up at blogspot so that I could make a comment on someone else's blog...ggrr...

Oh well - I'm always one for adventures, and so here begins a new one!