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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

well then

so that worked...

anyways! Intensifire absolutely ROCKED IT!!! One thing that was great (about the CM team) this year was that the majority of the songs we did, were written by guys in youth, so they were OUR songs - it wasn't us singing other people's songs. Probably the two songs that really impacted the conference - they really became the heart-cry of the conference were "Your Way Yaweh" and "With All of My Heart".

The live recording on the friday went really well. We did 4 songs, and I think the plan is to do another four songs later in the year, so we can release a full album at next intensifire. We've heard the raw recording from the night, and it sounds great - even without over-dubs, mixing and mastering.

I managed to loose my voice over the period of the conference, loosing it totally on the saturday of conference. It's now wednesday, and it's still nowhere near full strength...I haven't done this to myself for years!

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