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Monday, August 28, 2006

The day after...

Boy am i tired! My birthday weekend was good fun, but now i need another weekend to get over it!

we went lawn bowling saturday afternoon, which as you all know is extremely physically taxing. everyone who came bowling enjoyed themselves - especially one of my friends who stayed behind for an extra 2 hours, playing on his own!

then we headed off to my favourite restaurant, Il Punto. If you're ever in sydney, do yourself a favour and go to Il Punto. You won't regret it. I haven't been there since october last year, so that got Me in trouble with the owner and the Maitre'd :-)

i was singing at church yesterday morning, so that meant an early start. Ps john surprised Me in the 9am service by announcing my birthday to the congregation. It shocked Me - i must have looked dumbfounded on the camera!

in the 10.45 service some girls from work came to church (they usually go to church somewhere else) for my birthday, which was a lovely treat.

i them had lunch with some friends and went home to watch the last half of the showdown, but that didn't go the way i wanted it to! Silly people! Don't they know that everything has to go my on my birthday? :-)

Then it was church again, followed by more birthday celebrations - this time it was pizza & a dvd at my house. We watched 'Bob the butler' with too green and brooke shields. It was surprisingly funny, even though it had It's share of (very) lame jokes.

i think it was around 12.30am by the time i got to bed, which brings Me to now, and why i keep falling asleep

a big thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes, And a big happy birthday to Judah, who is turning the big 1 tomorrow :-)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy birthday to Me!

As you probably guessed, tomorrow is my birthday. The festivities start this afternoon at 2, but for now i'm waiting at the RTA to renew my drivers licence. It's an annual tradition, as i got my licence on my birthday. At least i know when my licence is due :-)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


While I'm at an actual computer, here are a couple of pics for you!

There are two of my with my ever-lengthening hair (compare to my profile pic!), and the one of my foot is what happened at the beauty salon when I got my bad pedicure a few weeks ago...!

party plans...

for all those who are local, or will be in the area on Saturday 26th August, I'm having my birthday party. If you want to come, leave a comment, and I'll email you the specifics.

In a nutshell, we're lawn bowling and eating good italian food :)

what could be better?

I don't know :)

Monday, August 07, 2006


will the driver with the licence plates XUX826 please return to driving school?! Or as least get someone else to drive for you?

needless to say, i was almost involved in quite a serious accident on the way to the station this morning. I was on the exit ramp on the M5, and my lane was moving freely, whilst the right hand lane was stationary. I kept driving, and all of a sudden, with NO indication, this little toyota echo pulled from the stationary lane into my lane, almost driving directly into the front drivers side quarter of my car. I literally slammed on my brakes, and squealed to a stop. There was smoke coming from my wheels. Thank GOD there were no cars behind Me - who knows what would have happened if there had been!

the little echo just kept driving, but we ended up parking almost next to each other at the station. The struggle inside Me was hard. Everything inside Me wanted to go all road rage on her, but i knew that 1) wouldn't achieve anything, and 2) it definitely wasn't a GOD thing to do. :-)

So, i politely told her that maybe next time she drives anywhere, it might pay to actually watch where she's going. That's all i said - seriously. I won't tell you what was going through my mind at the time though.

it's been almost 20 minutes since the near-miss, and my hands have only now stopped shaking. Every muscle in my body is tense. It feels like i've had an accident, but i haven't. Hopefully i'll be find by the time i get to work.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Psalm 133

V1 How wonderful it is, how pleasant, when brothers live together in harmony!

many bibles translate the last word in this scripture to be 'unity', but for some reason my bible has it translated as 'harmony' - which leads to my revelation of the day:

often when i think of the word unity, it represents to Me oneness, the working together toward a single purpose. However, the rendering of the word to harmony revealed to Me a different side.

there is no harmony when two singers sing the same note. That is melody. Harmony only comes when two or more different notes, in direct relation to each other, are sung at the same time. The song is the same, but it is expressed differently.

many people may associate unity with conforming, to going along with the leader. That, is melody. You could even refer to it as being single-dimensional.

however, if you look at unity as harmony, yes there is still that single vision - we're all singing the same song, but as we each add our note, our flavour, it creates depth, colour, beauty.

I cannot sing the song of God in the same way that you will sing the song of God. God doesn't expect Me to. If He wanted that, then we'd all be the same. But we're all different. And as we come together in harmony, singing the same song, I believe that it brings a true reflection of who God truly is.