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Monday, August 28, 2006

The day after...

Boy am i tired! My birthday weekend was good fun, but now i need another weekend to get over it!

we went lawn bowling saturday afternoon, which as you all know is extremely physically taxing. everyone who came bowling enjoyed themselves - especially one of my friends who stayed behind for an extra 2 hours, playing on his own!

then we headed off to my favourite restaurant, Il Punto. If you're ever in sydney, do yourself a favour and go to Il Punto. You won't regret it. I haven't been there since october last year, so that got Me in trouble with the owner and the Maitre'd :-)

i was singing at church yesterday morning, so that meant an early start. Ps john surprised Me in the 9am service by announcing my birthday to the congregation. It shocked Me - i must have looked dumbfounded on the camera!

in the 10.45 service some girls from work came to church (they usually go to church somewhere else) for my birthday, which was a lovely treat.

i them had lunch with some friends and went home to watch the last half of the showdown, but that didn't go the way i wanted it to! Silly people! Don't they know that everything has to go my on my birthday? :-)

Then it was church again, followed by more birthday celebrations - this time it was pizza & a dvd at my house. We watched 'Bob the butler' with too green and brooke shields. It was surprisingly funny, even though it had It's share of (very) lame jokes.

i think it was around 12.30am by the time i got to bed, which brings Me to now, and why i keep falling asleep

a big thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes, And a big happy birthday to Judah, who is turning the big 1 tomorrow :-)

Judah gives you a big hug Paula and mumbles in baby talk thanks!!

yes it is a big day tomorrow but not quite as big as yours sounded. take care
Happy belated b'day, Paula!!
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