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Monday, July 24, 2006

Beyond help!

Ok, i've pretty much given up on even trying to keep this thing updated. I've been trying to finish my conference summaries, but i can't remember all the details!

My life seems to be pretty monotonous at the moment. I've been working 6 days a week and then singing at the 9 and 10.45 am services, so there hasn't been much time for doing anything else.

sadly, the main highlight over the past few weeks was subscribing to 2 magazines - CCM and Relevant magazines. It's something i've always wanted to do, so i finally did it.

saturday night i went to the album launch of my friend's band, Portico77. The drive there was interesting, as i've hurt my neck and shoulders, so it was a little tricky to change lanes! The launch was held at a church called 'servants of jesus'. It's a church made up of two churches - one catholic and one Pentecostal. Apparently they worship separately, but they work together in the community. It's an interesting idea.

yesterday in the 10.45 and tonight at 7.30 we have peter irvine speaking at a success seminar. Peter is the managing director of gloria jeans internationally, and he is sharing how they have gone from opening the first store in australia in 1996 to now owning the master franchise internationally, and what it's like to take on starbucks!

a couple of weeks ago, i went to see the crows take on the swans at the SCG. We won, of course! During the game an umpire was hit in the head by the ball - i think that got the biggest cheer of the game! Also, there was a canadian ice hockey team sitting behind us - one of the coaches came and sat with Me as i 'looked happier than the sydney supporters'!

I got to chat to Peter Irvine a couple of Thursdays ago during the Business Success segment on my radio programme. Seems like a nice guy. He had some good things to say.
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