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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World cup fever?

... Maybe not, but i did happen to watch the last 10 minutes of the game - which thankfully turned out to be the best 10 minutes of the game. When i started watching, the score was 1 all, and by the end it was australia 3, japan 1. Nice work by all :-)

my lunch at parliament house on thursday was great. I was seated at table three with Rev. Moyes' aide, her husband and her brother, along with 2 pastors from lighthouse church in wollongong, who remembered Me from my time with iron & clay. There were two other ladies that i didn't know, and then there was Belinda, who i recognised from church. What a small world!

the lunch itself was delicious, and the entertainment by the watoto childrens choir was incredible. And hopefully, more people now know that WORD is now open in the city.

and i can't end without making a note of this:
he west coast lose next week, and we win, them guess who'll be #1?!

Only problem is ... West Coast won't lose. :)
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