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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I don't understand

Originally posted 11/05/06

Can someone please explain to Me the purpose of finger-less gloves? I know that when my hands are cold, the coldest parts of my hands are always my fingertips. So to have everything covered except for the tips of your fingers?

on a different note, i'm actually starting to enjoy my early starts! I've always preferred winter over summer, so i love the brisk cold in the morning. I'm actually contemplating getting up 30 minutes earlier and going for a quick walk to get Me started for the day.

for those interested, there's an article over at 'this man falls down' (the link is in my side-bar) about how to become an early riser. (edit: here's the link)

Fingerless gloves are great for cycling but useless for warmth.

When it gets colder in winter I even ditch the fingerless cycling gloves for the full hand version.
I don't completely get the whole fingerless thing either but I have a theory... If you have ever tried to do anything while wearing gloves you will know that they are not functional at all. A lot of our hand function relies on sensation. The fingertips are the most sensitive part of the hand. So I guess the rationale behind the fingerless gloves is that if you need to be doing stuff while wearing gloves you need your fingers to be able to feel but at least the rest of your hand can be warm. Just a thought.
Paula. . hi again! sorry i've been gone so long!

yes, i forgot. . its winter there! so cool.

i love walking in the cold weather. .
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