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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy easter

I hope that everyone had a happy and relaxing easter; mine was a happy one, yet not quite relaxing. That probably had something to do with the easter production that we held at church over the long weekend.

As i mentioned in the previous post, the opening night of the production was a huge success, and attendance was such that we had to turn away literally hundreds of people! Sunday night's production was also well attended - people were lining up 90 minutes before the doors even opened!

Sunday night's production was interesting. Strange little things were going wrong all night. One of the wireless headsets stopped working for no apparent reason. The corded microphone i was to use wasn't on stage. The guards accidentally threw Jesus off the stage. One of the guard's helmets broke just before he went on stage. Lights were falling over.

But because we knew that God was moving through the production, we decided that we would get the choir to pray when they were off stage. And guess what happened? Everything started to go smoothly! And at the end of the play, lots of people responded to the Salvation message PRAISE GOD!

Yesterday was my day of rest, which basically consisted of Me sleeping in, then lounging around on the couch watching videos.

My friends and i went and saw 'Failure to Launch' last night - it's a good fun movie. I'm just glad that my 30-something friend who still lives at home didn't come...

and finally, we all ended up back at my house, where i cooked dinner for 8, so we wouldn't have to pay a public holiday surcharge on our food.

All in all a great weekend!

so what did you do over the long weekend? Any special family traditions? Any camping trips? Anything special at church?

I was a bridesmaid at a wedding on Sat so it pretty much took up the whole easter weekend. It was fun though.

Oh, I did sing and do an item at church on Fri morning ad went to a family picnic lunch (briefly) on Fri.
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