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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


A while ago i posted on living our lives as a response to all that God has done for us. I'm currently reading 'The Air I Breathe' by Louie Giglio, and came across this passage:

worship is our response to God. In other words, we don't initiate worship; God does.
He reveals; we respond.
He discloses; we respond.
He unveils; we respond.
He chooses to show us how amazing He is; we say, "God, You're amazing!"
Our whole relationship with God works the same way;
He loves; we love in return.
He calls; we answer.
He leads; we follow.

WooHoo! This is fantastic. It's about time that this is getting out...at least, It seems that within certain Church contexts that worship is treated as something that we MUST do, as if God needed it, as if he created us merely to sing him songs.

When I look at the concept of worship, I think of it in much the same way as described here...Worship is OUR response to the grace of God. To artificially worship, or worship without sincerity, for me, is akin to lying.

God did not create us simply to worship, but it is a natural side effect of creation. God IS so great, that our function as creations will naturally flow towards and include worship as a central focus of our lives. But it is not that He NEEDS it. He wouldn't be 'El-Shaddai' (all-sufficient) if he did.
that's just so 'parent and child', isn't it?! beautiful.
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