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Monday, March 13, 2006

my week of new things

This week is the week of new things for me. (apart from my old flu, which I'm still fighting!). I picked up Nathan Tasker's new cd at his concert on Saturday night, and hopefully tomorrow I'll get the new United album, and also Shawn McDonald's new album, Ripen.

I'm also starting my new teaching job at LSCA this week on tuesday, which is still a bit scary.

Then on wednesday, I'm driving into the city for the first time (I'm usually a train person when it comes to the city) to see my friends' band play at night. That's a bit scary too.

Well at least it's not a boring week!

just noticed this on iTunes - not bad for 1st day on sale!

sounds like a busy week, Paula! Feel better soon . . . the flu sucks.
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