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Friday, March 03, 2006

united - we stand

Back in October, before I went to Fiji, I took my brother and sister to the Hillsong United live recording. That album is due to be released on March 11, but for all those with iTunes, you can purchase the pre-release EP for $4. The EP features two tracks - "From God Above", and "The Stand" (which just happens to be one of my fave songs from the recording). This album is one that I'm going to get as soon as I can - it's slightly different to the previous albums, in that there was a lot of "space" - times of reflection and spontaneous worship. On the listing, those times are listed as "Selah" - the night was structured like one continuous song - so I suppose it was like a psalm, and calling the interludes "selah" would be appropriate!

(Also, the album's being released in SPANISH! Yes, that's right.)

Can't wait to get it. United's release is by far my fave Christian release of the year. Good to read the preview Paula, thanks.
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