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Thursday, February 09, 2006

current events

I'm procrastinating at work again, so here's some quick thoughts on current events:

The Cartoons: I've seen them, and I really don't understand what all the furore is about. Apparently the Moslem faith doesn't permit images of Mohammed, because it may lead to idolatry. (But isn't he their god anyway?) As a Christian, we're submitted to ridicule constantly, and not just from "outsiders" - we do a good enough job of making light of things anyway! (check out The Door!) (And not to mention those fantastic tele-evangelists from the good'ol US of A!) [some thoughts on this topic have been collected by Bruce, and can be found here]

Easter: Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns have been in the shops for at least a month already. I've been tempted to purchase some hot cross buns - I love them toasted with a little butter - but I figure, that will just ruin easter for me! Rehearsals for our production "Beautiful Day" start soon, and Simon (our new Worship Pastor) mentioned on Tuesday that it's going to be featuring songs by U2 and the Foo Fighters. Sweet!

Bananas: We've just (in the past few weeks) got Foxtel put on. And now I've discovered Bananas on the Australian Christian Channel! Comedy you can watch without worrying about content or language, and it's actually funny!

NCIS: I love this show! I've got a feeling this season's going to be great. Summer programming annoys me - all the good stuff on at the same time, and usually when I'm not home!

That's about it for now.

I'm with you Paula - don't know when I last saw a Christian getting 'passionate' about the Lord being lampooned.
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