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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

another day....

It's been a pretty average day at work today. It gets slightly crazy at times as I'm the only one in the office, so things such as toilet breaks and lunch breaks are quite rare...and it's warm enough that we need the air conditioner on (the office is on the mezzanine floor of a factory, so it gets quite warm), but when the a/c's on, water starts pouring through the roof. Nice if I want a cold shower, but I'd rather do that in the privacy of my own bathroom thankyou!

Then, in came a customer. Due to the nature of our work, it's not that often that I'll get real, live, customers into the show room, and usually they call first because they've become lost. However, this guy was different. He was pretty much driving past (a strange thing, considering our office is in a cul-de-sac), and thought he'd drop in for some brochures, prices, color samples, etc. He looked familiar....I knew that I'd seen him on TV, just couldn't place the actual program. Now, my boss is renovating his house, so downstairs (in the show room) are things like new doors and tiles, etc, which were in the way of the colour samples that my customer and I were trying to reach, so I apologised, stating that "Sorry - my boss is renovating his house", to which he replied "aren't we all?!". Then it clicked! He was Peter Everett, off Renovation Rescue on Channel 9!!!

My very first celebrity to come in to work! And, he was a very nice man :)

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