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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

back to normal

Well, after the madness that is christmas and new years, everything is pretty much getting back to normal. Work has a way of making you forget that you were still on holidays just two weeks ago :) but then, if I wasn't working, then I wouldn't be able to go on holidays!

Lately I've been a part of an online bible study called "Engage the Journey", where we're reading through the bible in chronological order, and in theory, we should read through the bible in a year. I've only been doing the readings from monday-friday, as my computer at home is still not connected to the internet (and probably won't be until I get a new computer). We've read part of Genesis and all of Job, and now we're back into Genesis. There's also a discussion board where you can post your comments about the day's reading. Kate (the Journey founder) posts the days readings in (I think) NIV and also The Message, or you can read along in your own bible. It's a great thing.

For ages I've been wanting to read CS Lewis' "Mere Christianity", but I've never got around to purchasing it - until the other day. It arrived from Koorong this morning, so I'm actually getting excited about reading it. I'm supposed to have read 3 books (Captivating, Intimate Friendship With God, and Boundaries) before our Connect Groups start back up next month, but, as always, when I'm supposed to read one book, I'll read the other one first. My connect group leader keeps telling me that it's me being rebellious, and maybe it is, but I was even like that in school. I'd read all the bits that I didn't need to read - to me they were always more interesting :)

I love the new M7 that's just opened up. On sunday night I went to Hillsong for the 6pm service - I left home at 5:20pm, and got there by 5:45pm. Usually I'd be leaving home around 5pm to get there by that time. The only sting is that it costs $6 one-way to use the new road, as I travel the complete length of the new highway, and because it's all electronic tolling, I'd need to get my own E-Tag (I used my bosses on Sunday night!).

Another totally unrelated thing: the AFL pre-season should be starting up soon. And, because we're getting Foxtel Digital soon, I might even be able to watch some games!!! C'mon the Crows!!!

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