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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

crash and burn!

All of my official "christmas events" are now over for the year. Which means that I have come to a standstill - and my body has decided to repay me for weeks of neglect. Meaning that I have a lovely summer head cold. Always good fun.

Friday night, my friends and I headed down to Pancakes on the Rocks (at the Rocks) at around 12:30am for a friends' birthday, which we followed with a leisurely stroll around the rocks and finished up under the harbour bridge. Incredible night - nice and warm, no breeze, still water...etc :)

Got home at 4:30, woke up 2 hours later to go and pick up a friend who I was taking to my christmas party. We were picked up for the work party @ 9am, and spent until 4pm cruising Sydney Harbour, taking time to go swimming around Lane Cove - which was nice. Saw a "house" which sold a few weeks ago for $23million...pocket change really.

Then my friend and I were dropped off at circular quay, and headed off to Carols in the Domain. My friends had been there all day, and secured a good spot - 100m from the stage. Everyone was in party mode - dancing to all the songs - even to the slower chrissy carols! My highlights of the night were: Amelia Farrugia singing "O Holy Night" - incredible soprano voice!, and everyone dancing to the Wiggles :) (They got a bigger cheer than "the Hoff"!)

The train took a lovely 90 minutes to get home, so I was in bed by 2:30am, only to get up at 6am - 7:30 call at church. Struggled through the two morning services, and then headed home.

Went to bed at 4pm for a "nap", only to wake up at 4am the next day...maybe I was tired?


More news:
My friends Matt & Adele's twins were born today, and Matt (different Matt!) and Barb and a baby today also.
Off to see Narnia tomorrow night
Drove on the new M7 yesterday, very nice :)
3 sleeps till I'm off interstate for Christmas holidays


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