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Monday, December 05, 2005

seven dwarves again!

Lately, I seem to have taken on the personality of Grumpy, my least favourite of the 7. (My favourite is Dopey, but that's another story).

My weekend started well, as I spent the afternoon on saturday getting my hair done. After 4 hours, I looked fabulous ("but don't you always?!" I hear you all saying). Then we headed off to The Italian Forum in Leichhardt for a friend's birthday party. Fantastic italian food and gelati, accompanied by a small string "group" (for lack of a better word...larger than a quartet, smaller than an orchestra) and an opera singer. There's something beautiful about sitting by a fountain, eating fresh gelati and listening to beautiful music with good friends.

Sunday morning I was on at church, which meant a 7:30 call time. That was all good, then after church I was driving to my friend's house to watch a preaching dvd....and that's when things went bad.

I was attempting to turn right across three lanes of backed up traffic (stopped at lights). The cars were slightly blocking the side street (which they're not supposed to), but a driver signalled that it was safe to go through, as there were no cars coming. So ever so slowly, I started to turn across the traffic, as I do every day to get into my street, when out of nowhere, a car slammed into my passenger side wheel.

The bad news?

The good news?
Slightly bad news?
And so what happened today that's not good?
Well, I've just spent nearly 2 hours trying to get online or on the phone with someone to purchase 4 tickets to the U2 concert at Telstra Stadium. But guess what? over 50,000 tickets sold out in just under 1.5 hours. That kinda sucks. Not kinda, it really sucks.

Now I just need to wait and see if they're going to put on another sydney show. I highly doubt it - but it would be fantastic.

So here's my self-indulgent whinge for today:
I'm sore, my car's smashed up, and I'm not going to U2.

Ummm...Damn, that sucks..

What is it with you and cars? One minute the engine blows up, the next minute it gets stolen, now, a few weeks in to your new(er) car you have an accident (without insurance too...ouch)

Prayer and Fasting mate... Prayer and Fasting... :p
too bad about u2. .grrrrr. . we had the same problem when they came to Toronto. . we tried for about 1.5 hours as well. . could not get through, got no tickets and it sold out in about the same amount of time. sucks!!!

your car?! oh dear! poor Paula! hope you don't have any lasting problems with your neck, etc? I have been living with a lifelong whiplash legacy. .*we were at a stoplight and were rearended*. . BAH!!

hope things get better for poor "Grumpy"?!!!
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