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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Josh Harris, Judah Smith & Relationships

For all those who didn't know, Josh Harris (of "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" and "Boy Meets Girl") is now the senior pastor of his church, Covenant Life Church, and has also recently released 2 new books: Not Even a Hint (now re-released as "Sex is not the problem, Lust is"), and "Stop Dating the Church".

Anyway, the point of all this is that he recently spoke at his church on the topic of courtship, and it was aimed at an older audience - ie his congregation. If you want to listen to it (which I highly recommend), the sermon "Courtship Schmourtship" can be found here or you can download the MP3 directly from here. (File size = 11.9MB)

If you're into iTunes and all associated with it (ie podcasting), you can also choose to subscribe to their podcast. Instructions are on the main sermon page.

For more relationship stuff, visit the Singles Ministry audio page of his church, as earlier in the year they did a whole series on relationships and everything related.

Judah Smith of Generation Church has also preached a few sermons on relationships, and you can also subscribe to their podcast.
The MP3 of the "relationship sermon" can be found here (8.3MB), and their sermon archive is here.

Trust me, they may take a while to download, but they're fantastic - especially Josh's message. I'm burning copies to give to all my friends.

Hope these help anyone.

Good links Paula. I will be checking them out.

Can't get enough good mp3's :)
I finally got around to reading Josh's book I Kissed Dating Goodbye and while I think that dating and romance are overrated in this society, I still think Josh has gone a bit overboard, sorta like throwing out the baby with the bathwater. see my review ...
Hey Paula, Yeah yeah, I've left a comment...:p I really like what that college kid did in his speech :D nice way to stick it to the man... :p

I like the site, nice observations...I'll be keeping up to date...Hopefully I'll update mine more often too...
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