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Thursday, December 08, 2005


I've been missing for the past few days - probably because my brain's been so overloaded that I can't think straight; that, and the fact that our Christmas production is THIS WEEKEND, so I'm flat out finishing costumes and still trying to remember words for songs that I should really know by now.

Also, tonight is our "Life Group Christmas Party". Well that's what we've told our leader, anyway. She thinks it's our Christmas party, but we're throwing our leader a surprise "We Love Sherli Party". I know that the surprise won't be blown by me writing this, as Sherli is amusingly computer illiterate.

We've invited all of her friends, and those close to her, including current and ex-life group girls.

Sherli's the sort of person who will run herself ragged doing things for other people, but when you try and do something for her, she finds someway to avoid it....like if you buy her something, she'll pay you for it...even if it's only $5!

So, we're tricking her. She's going to walk into the party, and be ambushed by all of her friends :) It's going to be great!

It's good for me with all this turmoil going on to be able to focus on someone else for a while :)

The only problem is, that Sherli somehow found out that we're getting there early "to set up", so she's decided that she's going to come early to help us set up for the "christmas party". AAHH! This woman frustrates me :)


Other news:

Two blogs/articles that have really given me something to think about for today:

Relevant Magazine: The Potters Hand Remix - Al Sergel
As Christians are we:
following Jesus Christ in order to be molded in His image?
Or …
following Jesus Christ in order that we may serve humanity?"

The Accidental Traveler: An Invitation - Kate McDonald
Why am I fighting harder than ever and feel so completely beat down? I got part of the answer at church the Sunday after Thanksgiving and the remainder of the answer was already planted in my spirit.
Pastor Ricks said something to the effect of "If there's an area of weakness, its an area that lacks faith. And faith comes from hearing the Word"...I have always heard that verse "faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God" and related it to a person going from disbelief to belief for the first time. I had never thought about it as it relates to the person who already believes."

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