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Monday, February 13, 2006

Karaoke is strange

I'm with some friends at a birthday, and we're all sitting around the TV doing karaoke. I personally don't enjoy singing karaoke, but i do enjoy watching and listening to others singing - it's always a good laugh! However, what's with the videos on the karaoke? Women in bikinis and scary looking statues! And not to mention that They're always unrelated to the actual song; sometimes to the point where we've stopped singing and started laughing in disbelief at the film clip!

oh, its been years since me and my husband have karaokied!!! we used to go to a place called "Happy Happy's". . it was a Vietnamese place and i'd say half the time it was Vietnamese karaoke. . doesn't sound so pretty!!! but interesting! we used to really enjoy singing up there. . the mics were crap. . but everyone was kinda loaded, so everyone thought everyone was great! i know what you mean about the video images! weird!!!
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