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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Dr Karl on Sunrise this morning made an interesting statement:

"if only there was an absolute truth that stays the same for all eternity!"

Oh but there is, Karl, there is!

I suppose you didn't see when Dr. Karl went on Sunrise and took his potshots at Intelligent Design then...It's not like Karl is known for his philosophical prowess...just his limited scope of the physically observable sciences.

It sucked only because there was only Dr. Karls opinion which was a rehashed version of a long refuted argument, namely that Faith does not need to correspond with reality. Problem is, of course, that our Faith, MUST correspond with the reality of the resurrection of Jesus, otherwise...as the scriptures say, but not as Paul so eloquently put it;

Get Pissed, Pig out, Shag around...for tomorrow, we die.

Coz if Jesus's death and resurrection was not a reality, we're still dead in our sins anyway.
Yeah, I did see dr karl speaking on ID. I thought it was ridiculous. They wouldn't get a christian to speak on evolution, so why get a scientist to speak on intelligent design? His opinion was heavily biased, as he doesn't believe in ID himself. I was quite dissapointed that a news network such as 7 would present such an unbalanced view.
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