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Monday, February 20, 2006

the weekend

I got my car back on friday night! It's been too long - I had the accident on Dec 5, so it's been a while. Here's a picture of the car all fixed (although it groans a little now....like someone with an old injury.

Sunday night we had Jason Stevens (ex-Cronulla player and star of the NRL Footy Show) speaking at church. He's a great speaker - knows what he wants to say and how to say it well. Here's a pic of me with Jason after the service (courtesy of my friend's mobile): (I'm on my toes, and Jason's pretty much bent in half!)

And then after the service we headed off to Max Brenner's - a chocolate restaurant in Parramatta...here's a pic of the fondue I shared with a friend...

what a great w/e, Paula! Glad you have your car back with you. . even if it 'groans'!! that's a nice picture of you with 'mr speaker'. . . and wow, does that chocolate fondue ever look FABULOUS!
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