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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Well, things are certainly getting hectic around here again! I'm in the process of applying for a new job, so please keep that in your prayers. It seems to be "perfect" - in the field of work I want, and a field I'm familiar with. I'm also starting my new job at LSCA next week, and I'm still creating the syllabus for the course! Easter rehearsals start tomorrow night, and it turns out that I've double booked myself for a few nights in the coming weeks. Ah - the dramas of not having a diary. Maybe I should just go and get a diary. That should sort some things out!

Some "real" posts are still on the way, but due to work restraints, I will be "pre-blogging" my posts at home, then posting them at work...so it just depends on if I'm actually home
as to when these posts will get done :) As of next week, the only time that I'll be home is on a saturday...

well, back to work :)


got a
new haircut the other day, thought I'd post some pics:

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