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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Weekend update

Sorry about duplicating the previous post - it will be fixed as soon as i can get to a computer.

this past weekend was fantastic. Saturday was pretty much a non-day, so that leaves sunday. I sang at church in the morning, then headed off into the city. The purpose for the trip into the city was to meet Randy Elrod and his beautiful wife Chris for afternoon tea at tara tea room. The tea room is located in the george st markets in the rocks district. It was a fantastic afternoon - good people, good conversation, perfect weather and home-cooked food.

One of the many things discussed, of course, was Blogging. I mentioned to Randy that even though we'd never met before, we were talking like we'd known each other for years - which i think is due to reading each other's Blogs - you gain an insight as to how a person thinks, without actually meeting them in person.

But as Blogs are publically accessible, there is a responsibility to the Blogger regarding what is posted on your site. Thankfully, There's only been one time (so far) when a post has landed Me in trouble. I didn't remove the post, but i have become slightly more cautious regarding the content of my posts.

well, i'm nearly at my station. I may finish this off on my way home this afternoon.

bruce, did you and ruth have a nice holiday even though uncle Bono didn't come?

The break was great Paula. Photos and all on my blog :)
As for the posting landing you in trouble...that was just petty on their part...but if you want to post anonymously on my Blog, I'll give you access :p
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