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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Random and assoc

Thank you to everyone for their kind comments about my new job. So many people are excited for Me - it's so encouraging. The store opens on monday, which is slightly scary, but the busyness will start when the new catalogue comes out in a week and a half - complete with new store details and opening specials.

i bought some new shoes today, under advisement from my sister, who has worked in retail for 5 years; They're Homy ped's, and she swears by them. They're definitely comfortable, so we'll see how they go on monday.

i spent a lazy saturday night at home with our puppy and the history channel tonight, and learned about the danish monarchy. It was pretty interesting, as it links into many other european monarchies, including the british, russian and greek royal families. It all seems a bit incestuous (sp?) sometimes!

tomorrow afternoon i have the privilege of having afternoon tea with Randy elrod (of 'Ethos' fame), and his wife Chris. He mentioned on his Blog (there is a link in the side bar) a while back that they were coming to sydney as part of their world holiday, and so i mentioned that i'd love to catch up with them while they were here ... And he took Me up on it! So he you live in sydney and read randy's Blog, the details for the afternoon tea are on his Blog.

jess, from your comment, an i to assume that you also work for WORD? And rodney, i'm not sure about any more reviews - it's a little frustrating posting via a mobile, but for what it's worth, check out shawn mcdonald's latest album 'ripen'. It honestly hasn't left my cd player since it arrived in the mail.

My top three cd's at the moment:
1. Hillsong United - We Stand
2. Shawn Mcdonald - Ripen
3. Nathan Tasker - More to Life

Good night!

Incestuous is not even the word...it's like a monumental understatement. Try.."systematic inbreeding" :D I think it actually fits the circumstances a little better. :p~~ Congrats on the WORD job. I know that you would totally dig it.
I'm thinking the marriage of Paula and Word bookstore could be a dangerous combination!!

All those CDs and books
Yes, I work for WORD in Perth. I've been there for a little over a year now. It's a good job, you'll like it. You should probably heed Bruce's advise though cause it's easy to spend a fair chunk of your pay cheque in the store!
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