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Monday, April 10, 2006


If i didn't see it, did it really happen? Unfortunately, i happened to see the last 5 seconds of THE match yesterday, so i guess it really happened.

So that wast the only blemish in a fantastic weekend. I actually had a date for my friend's 21st - those who actually know Me know how huge that was. Unfortunately, i took my Sanguine date to a party, so he spent more time with my friends than with Me! It was a good night anyway.

and What's the go with easter cards? I've never given or recieved one, but we had a few disgruntled customers because we didn't have any! (We don't have any easter stock - probably because we're a new store or something).

well Here's my stop, so i'm off to easter rehearsals.

I know exactly what you mean. We have some easter cards but not many and a few people have asked about them. I'm like 'what the?' Still I guess it's better for the figure than chocolate hey.
Woo! You had a date! Hell yeah...you gots to tell us all about it....

(geez, I'm worse than a chick with this stuff)
seee this bugs me cuz easter is not really a big deal in christian retail but christmas is...............now surely easter has huge signifigance for christians and shhould be a bit more important??? in my shop i have a table set up with a flowery easter poster displayed and then some books and dvds, cds.........like the passion of the christ, max lucado's "one friday afternoon" living the resurrection by eugene peterson etc etc etc .......il post a pic this week sometime for ya girls??
Glad you had a fantastic weekend Paula. And I'm glad the Eagles beat the Crows!!
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