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Friday, April 07, 2006

That was fast!

I've now been working at WORD for 2.5 weeks, and yesterday, i was promoted to 'acting store supervisor'! It's quite exciting - but i'm not sure who's more excited - Me or the other staff!

Tomorrow i'm heading off to a 21st on a paddle boat on the hawkesbury river, which should be fun. More details may follow...!

Have a great weekend everyone, and may the Lord cause His face to shine upon ... The crows & eagles match this weekend and allow the crows to utterly defeat the eagles!

oh, and don't forget to watch Lano & Woodley monday night on 'enough rope'. (Thanks to Rodney and my Mum for the heads up.)

ok so i know i am on a break from blog but i still quickly check it every day or two so CONRATULATIONS on the job........sounds great
Actually paula, we should compare stock sometime, the popular stuff? what sells best? what theology and academic stuff, if any you keep etc etc?? what u say

my email is........well its on my blog but id love to hear how the christian retail is in sydney..........oh my cousin dave is getting married in aus next year and will settle there, think hes like an hour from sydney but i must tell him to check you out.........the hsop, not you personally!!! anyway speak u soon
He he, baing acting manager ain't too shabby huh. I've had to do a bit of managering stuff when my boss has been away. It's fine until something out of the ordinary happens and I'm like 'I dunno what to do!' But there's always someone to call so yeah. Enjoy it hey, it's a good job.

Yo Ally, you wanna hear how the Christian retail is in Perth too? Although it is the same chain of stores, mmm, never mind.
jess.....most definately would love to know!!!
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