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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Opening Night

Last night was our first performance of our easter production, 'Beautiful Day'. To say that it went well would be a slight understatement.

It started at 7.30, but we had people lining up from 6.00! Our auditorium holds 1000 comfortably, but last night there were people sitting on the floor and stairs, just to fit in the auditorium. 3 allocated overflow rooms were also full to standing room only. A rough estimate had around 2000 in attendance.

and to make things even better, over 40 people responded to the salvation message given at the end of the production.

it was a great night - we were all on such an adrenaline rush that we headed out to McDonalds afterwards (hey it's hard to find anything open on Good Friday) and i didn't get home till 2am. It's a good thing that i'm not working today!

Happy Easter everyone.

Sounds fantastic. Well done.

Have a fabulous Easter, Paula.
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