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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Update update update!

Wow! I can't believe how long it's been since i posted anything! I guess when i'm busy Blogging doesn't rank too high on my to do list.

So Here's what's new:
We (at work) survived our first sale, so that's good.
I'm working my first saturday this week, so we'll see how that goes.
i'm having lunch at Parliament House today, and the Watoto Children's Choir will be performing. It's a fundraiser held by Rev. Hon. Dr. Gordon Moyes for the choir, so it should be a good time. Our store donated some things to the auction, so it should be good to see how much it goes for.
Another part of my job is to look after the music section of our store, and that coupled with the position of store supervisor, i get calls from label reps and the like. I had someone from CCC music come and have a chat last week, which was good and informative. He also have Me a free dvd, which was very nice of him. Then, in our deliveries on tuesday, there were three cd's for Me from integrity music, which was a pleasant surprise. The best thing? I was actually considering purchasing all three of the cd's, but now i don't have to!
the three cd's were :
Coming Up to Breathe - Mercy Me
Phil Wickham - Phil Wickham
Welcome Home - Brian Littrell (of Backstreet Boys fame)

I'm still slowly reading the book on pre destination (God of the Possible), and even though it's heavy-going, it's good. Ps John actually spoke on pre destination on Sunday, which was great, as it's something that's not spoken about too much, especially from the pulpit.

well that's all for now - i'll try to post about the lunch and the choir on my way good tonight!

Good to see you back...I've been checking the bookmark to make sure it was still working, but I totally understand the lack of time to post on these things. Holiday times now for me...so I'm gonna be hanging out for the next installments on all of my blogroll...
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