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Thursday, May 18, 2006

All things thursday night

Right now i'm sitting in the metro listening to the first support band for 'something for kate'. They sound pretty good actually, albeit a bit muffled - oh hang on, that's my ear plugs! I'm going to try hard in the future not to complain about the volume at youth!

on our way to the metro, my friend and i had to walk past a movie cinema, which of course was showing 'the da Vinci code' - a new movie out this week, you may have heard of it?! The fact that the movie was screening meant that we had to walk through a wall of protestors - we think they were catholic. Flyers were being handed out, prayers were being read, banners flown and songs sung. A guy tried to push a flyer of some post into my hand, which i said no to. I think it must have been a flyer about being a catholic/christian, because when i said no, he replied "it's better than you think". I hope he was talking about christianity and not the movie!

two responses came to mind: the first, a casually loud comment to my friend, suggesting that we go see the movie before church on sunday, (which i did actually say!), and the second was this "sorry, i'm too busy at church to have time to be a christian".

however, i didn't say that one you loud. Maybe God whispered that one in my ear for my own benefit? Sadly, that statement is all too true for all to many of us, too much of the time - myself included.

how many times do i not read my bible because i'm tired after creative rehearsal? How often am i busy learning a new song instead of spending time with the One whom the song is about?

even the protestors outside the cinema challenged Me tonight. At least they've got the courage to make a stand for what they believe in....even if they are protesting against a work of FICTION! (Seriously people, it's a work of fiction! Even dan brown himself admits that much in the preface to the book!)

back on track...the protestors are out there, facing ridicule, just to defend their faith, and ultimately to defend Jesus' reputation. And what am i doing? Ignoring it? Somewhat gloating over the reports that the critics didn't really like it? Maybe even considering watching it?

that was hard hitting. . "spending time with the One whom the song is about. . " too easy to fall into that trap. . i know!
We were talking about the Da Vinci Code in our youth Bible study a couple of weeks ago and we came up with something kind of interesting. The movie mixes fact with fiction so that some people get confused and take the fiction as fact, yes. But, at least it gets people thinking about things that they may not have otherwise talked about. It opens up an opportunity to have a conversation.

Plus, if we're gonna get this offended by a movie, what about all the horrible morals etc that are on nearly every movie out of hollywood and beyond these days? We don't kick up a fuss about that.

It's pretty interesting if you think about it a little, or even a lot.
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