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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

[HS06] Night 1

Tonight was the opening night of hillsong conference 2006. The tickets i was allocated with my registration give Me entry to the 1st night meeting at 4.30 for every night of the conference.

i must admit, i'm quite disappointed with my allocated seat. I registered at conference last year, but i'm still sitting in the 2nd last row on the very top level of the superdome. Those around Me were also quite annoyed. However, if you're not in your seat 15 before the meeting, your seat is released, so i moved and got a slightly better seat.

rick warren (purpose driven life) from saddleback church spoke in our meeting. It was good, but i found it hard to stay focussed and so i ended up reading the program instead. The main point of his message was 'what are you going to do with what's in your hand?' - that what is in your hand is indicative of three things: 1-identity, 2-income, 3-influence. Rick used the example of the staff in exodus 3 & 4.

tomorrow i will be hearing from: rick warren, bill hybels, israel Houghton, alvin slaughter, frank Damazio and delirious?. It should be a good day!

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