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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Still alive

I think there was a problem with the sending of this post, so here it is again.


Hi all. It's 5am and i'm heading off to bed and thought i'd send off a quick post before i get too tired!

So yes, i am still alive, and no, i haven't dropped off the face of the earth. My excuse this week is that it's too cold in the morning on the train to punch any posts into my mobile! I mean, have you ever tried to send an sms with gloves on? I have enough trouble trying to answer the thing! :-)

So in brief: insight retreat with pat mesiti was incredible. Freezing cold, but fantastic. We discovered that stale marshmellows are fantastic to throw rather than eat around a bonfire...volleyball is fun to play when there are no rules...(go the mighty wombats!)...and that i was very smart to take my electric blanket on camp!

so much else has happened since my last post, but i'll leave that for later - i mean, i'll need something to do while i'm in the queue at hillsong.

oh- if anyone reading this is going to hillsong, let Me know and we'll do coffee or something. Just reply to this post, and i'll get it.

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