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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

[HS06] tuesday

Today was a great day. It started off with rick warren in the 9am meeting. I didn't get much out of that session, as rick basically did a quick run through of the major points of the purpose driven life. We did that as a church last year and even then i wasn't really into it. (I still haven't finished the book!) i was very tempted to leave the session and get a coffee, especially when he started running late. But, i couldn't bring myself to leave the meeting, so i stayed. Rick ended up running 25 minutes over time, so we only had 5 minutes to get to the stream session for worship & creative arts.

once we got there, alvin slaughter lead the worship, and them bill hybels from willow creek spoke to us, which was great.

after the stream session, i headed off to an elective with israel Houghton on song writing. It ended up being standing room only, but somehow i walked in and found a seat! Israel spoke for a while, and then he and marty Sampson started to write a song - a song i hope they finish, because it was sounding incredible.

after that elective, i was planning on going to a lunchtime session with alvin slaughter, but i ran into some friends in the previous elective, so i spent the afternoon break having lunch with them, which was great.

i was planning on buying a ticket to the 7.45 meeting with delirious, but one of my friends had a delegate ticket to all 7.45 meetings that he wasn't using, so he gave it to Me - and it was for door one!

the 4.30 meeting was with delirious and frank Damazio, and frank spoke about momentum. Before frank Spoke, delirious led us in worship which as always, was an incredible experience.

then it was time for the 7.45 meeting, with my ticket for door 1. My seat was great - even with my 'height difficulties' i was still able to see.

the meeting kicked off with the team from hillsong, and then delirious took over and played for an hour. One song they played, 'our God reigns' was just incredible. I'm going to post the lyrics when i get the chance.

then, rick Godwin spoke about the importance of salt and how it relates to us in today's society.

the meeting finished at 10.30 - it was a huge day!

if you're interested, i think that all messages and electives are available as mp3 downloads on the conference website.

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