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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Psalm 133

V1 How wonderful it is, how pleasant, when brothers live together in harmony!

many bibles translate the last word in this scripture to be 'unity', but for some reason my bible has it translated as 'harmony' - which leads to my revelation of the day:

often when i think of the word unity, it represents to Me oneness, the working together toward a single purpose. However, the rendering of the word to harmony revealed to Me a different side.

there is no harmony when two singers sing the same note. That is melody. Harmony only comes when two or more different notes, in direct relation to each other, are sung at the same time. The song is the same, but it is expressed differently.

many people may associate unity with conforming, to going along with the leader. That, is melody. You could even refer to it as being single-dimensional.

however, if you look at unity as harmony, yes there is still that single vision - we're all singing the same song, but as we each add our note, our flavour, it creates depth, colour, beauty.

I cannot sing the song of God in the same way that you will sing the song of God. God doesn't expect Me to. If He wanted that, then we'd all be the same. But we're all different. And as we come together in harmony, singing the same song, I believe that it brings a true reflection of who God truly is.

Wow...very cool

I have never noticed that about the verse before, and didn't know that about harmony and melody...

it resounds with something I tell my people..."unity is not uniformity" it may just turn out that I was right....

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