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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

[AFL] a turbulent weekend for the AFL

Wow - what a weekend - and most of the trouble revolves around the Fremantle & St Kilda game...Freo winning after the final siren, the following accusations of umpires fixing the game, and also a religious vilification accusation...all from one game.

From NineMSN:

Gehrig is accused of having called Fremantle's Christian full-back Shane Parker a "bible-bashing ...."...the AFL...has now launched a formal investigation....it is believed to be the first time a player has been investigated over a religious slur under the league's racial and religious vilification laws.

Meanwhile, Nine Network reporter Tony Jones said he had heard one of the officiating umpires from Friday night's match, Matthew Head, claiming victory after the Dockers' win over the Saints..."...Umpires Brett Allen and Matthew Head have both emphatically denied any suggestion either of them made any inappropriate comments regarding the result of last Friday night's game at Subiaco...

More on that game in this article from NineMSN

And let's not forget Bruce's beloved West Coast Eagles on an incredible losing slump.. Is this the end of the Eagles for this season? With the premiership within their reach, have they simply run out of oomph too early in the season?

This weekend's match is going to be interesting...if we beat the eagles at Subiaco, there's every possibility that the crows could end up on top of the ladder going into the prelim finals!

Have you heard the full story of the Umpire thing? Its a beat up.
Check out my thoughts here:
Well paula this weekend is the big one! Adelaide v Eagles. Care to guess the result?

I reckon the Eagles by 28 points and the minor premiership is in the bag?

You'd agree with that one wouldn't you?? :)
Ok, I couldn't comment on the other post, but I think you're missing something in claiming the mighty WEST COAST EAGLES are suffering a losing streak.

Our home record stands at 20 consecutive wins. 20. unbeaten. and you think your little scavenging black birds will knock us off? Pfft. You haven't beaten us for almost 2 years!

Fear not, this saturday we will see the WEST will be BEST! :)
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