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Monday, September 05, 2005

36 days & weekend roundup

That's how long until we fly off to Fiji for two weeks of nothing. Should be good.

Um...that's reminded me....15 days till my car rego's due :( I wish I could live in NSW & pay SA rego rates. But then, that's just wishful thinking.

I was planning on going to Big Exo Day on Saturday (3rd), but I decided that I didn't want to spend $35 on a ticket, so I went and spent $130 on my hair instead. Go figure.

Sunday, I filled in for someone for the AM services, so again I was there from 7:30am until 9:30pm...the services were great - being father's day we had some great challenges - in the AM services, two guys were required to iron a shirt while talking on a mobile phone - in 60 seconds. Very interesting results. The PM Services, we held our own version of ready steady cook/iron chef, which was also quite entertaining.

Oh, and my football team lost in its first final for this season...against St Kilda!! How did that happen? But now it's set us up for a HUGE match next weekend - Adelaide VS Pt Adelaide in their first ever showdown final! And Captain ROO will be playing!!! Bring it ON!

... and then the Eagles get to play Port the following weekend for a spot in the Grand Final. :)
And the winner plays the Eagles!

Seriously, all the best to the crows. I hope the they beat port in a nice, hard, bruising game :)
Ooh Rodney, you're not playing nice.

Swans are playing at the SCG friday night, but I can't go due to a Banquet I'm singing at for our women's ministry...otherwise I'd have been there with bells on - my first finals game.

Hopefully it's West Coast vs Crows in the end...don't know what I'd do if we loose to port...
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