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Monday, August 29, 2005

Saturday 27th

Well I had a fantastic Saturday; don't know about certain others such as Bruce or Rodney, though!

For all those who have no idea of the weekends events, here's a brief summary.

1. My birthday (including laser tag & fine dining)
2. West Coast Eagles v Adelaide Crows - otherwise known as "The battle for the minor round premiership"

Let's look at #1 first....

Laser Tag was a blast! (literally AND metaphorically!) We played two games, and had the arena to ourselves, which was great. There were 8 of us playing, which was a good number as we actually had to hunt each other down. Game 1 I came in 2nd, and Game 2, I WON!!!

Then after heading home to refresh ourselves, we headed out to "Il Punto", our new favourite restaurant as of this weekend! None of the boys who RSVP'd turned up. Apparently they all went to a Buck's night instead. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise - we had a fantastic "girls night out". The food was incredible. This is what I ate: "Pollo Claudio" - chicken breast fillet stuffed with fetta and baby spinach, nestled on roasted zucchini, eggplant and pumpkin, with the chef's secret sauce. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! Their service was fantastic - at one point during the night we had the owner and the maitre d' at our table chatting with us! Admittedly, the owner was trying to entice us with her "young
& single" bar staff, but it was all good fun.

After our dinner, we all headed on back to my house to watch a movie. We ended up choosing "Under the Tuscan Sun" - a beautiful movie with beautiful Italian scenery (and people!), accompanied by a beautiful Italian wine completed a great day.

However, the day was made even better by #2:

On Wed 24 Aug, I made my predictions regarding the match to be played on the 27th.
Of course it was a biased prediction, as Bruce so kindly pointed out, but hey! I'm a Crows supporter. What more needs to be said?

Maybe....WE'RE NUMBER 1!!

Unfortunately the game wasn't broadcast in Sydney, so I had to make do with checking the scores on my mobile every 15 minutes or so
during the aforementioned dinner.

The Final Score:
Adelaide Crows: 12.10 (82)
West Coast Eagles: 10
.14 (74)

It wasn't exactly the 23 point defeat that I'd hoped for, but anything's better than nothing.

Next on the cards is our Preliminary Final against St Kilda at AAMI. There shouldn't be any problems there - fingers crossed that Riccutio will be available to play!

All credit to you and your team Paula. I was at the game and no matter how hard I yelled I couldn't get the eagles past the crows. They must've known it was your birthday!

Glad the b'day bash went well too. And all the best to the crows in the finals - I'm sure they'll go far and make you one happy crow-eater! :)

Good to see that the plan has worked and we've managed to lull the other finals hopefuls into a false sense of security.

I hope you're happy with the minor premiership because we sure are going to be pleased with the major premiership.

Right-o. I'll believe that when I see it!
hey paula. i found this website because you're signed up to audioscrobbler and i saw you're the #2 listener to PlanetShakers (i'm #1 :D), so i thought i'd pop in.

for the record, i'm a mad adelaide supporter and i'm going to the game on satruday nite (got concourse [good] tickets) so hopefully itll be a great game. but pity roo got 1 game :( :( :(.

talk to yer later!

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