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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

weekend review

The weekend was good...friday night was our women's banquet, with Lisa McInnes-Smith, who's always good fun. It was great seeing all the ladies in their ballgowns with nice hair! Saturday involved me sleeping until 1pm...I didn't get to bed until 3am after the banquet. Then we went to saturday church @ Hillsong. I was slightly dissapointed that Kevin Gerald didn't preach (that's why I went), but what Christine Caine spoke about was great.

Sunday morning was another early one, as I was on for both am services. I tripped on a mat on the way up to the stage, and landed square on my knees and shins, so I was on stage (in stilleto's!) in a nearly bearable amount of pain for the two services. I didn't move around much on stage :)

Sunday night we went off to Hillsong again, to see Delirious. Jon, their bass player wasn't on tour with them, as his wife had just given birth to their second child Jackson Elliot the day before they were due to fly out, but it was a great night. Stu G and Martin Smith both spoke, and as I didn't take my note book with me, I was frantically sending myself text messages all night with small quantaties of notes from Martin's message!

I've got the night off tonight...maybe I'll get an early one? (yeah right!)

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